Turning Point: DDoS Attacks In Q4 2016

The last three months of 2016 witnessed significant advances in DDoS attacks. Methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, the array of devices being harnessed by botnets is increasingly diverse, while the attackers show off their capabilities by choosing bigger and more prominent targets. All this, and more, is covered by Kaspersky Lab’s experts in […]

Safer Internet Day – Barclays’ Top Tips For Consumers

With online fraud now the most common crime in the country (according to annual Crime Survey of England and Wales published last month), Barclays is sharing tips on how to improve your online security ahead of Safer Internet Day. Think before you click Pop-ups and email links are often a way for scammers to gain access […]

Hackers Blackmail David Beckham For £1m To Avoid Embarrassing Email Leak

Hostage by Hackers

David Beckham refused to pay £1 million to blackmailers to stop a leak of his emails, it has been reported. Hackers believed to be using Russian servers accessed millions of messages and documents from the computer system of Simon Oliveira’s agency which runs Mr Beckham’s publicity. The cyber criminals allegedly demanded a sum of one […]

Positive Technologies Launches PT VIP Protect To Allow Mobile Operators To Safeguard High-Profile Figures From Targeted Phone Hacks

Positive Technologies now allows operators to keep individuals safe from voice eavesdropping, text interception, mobile location tracking and phone specific DoS London. Cyber security company Positive Technologies has today launched PT VIP Protect, a technology designed to keep sensitive targets safe from the current and evolving threats from mobile phone hacking.  Key business executives, celebrities, and other high-profile […]

Resurgence Of The Slammer Worm

Security researchers have noted the re-emergence of the Slammer Worm now 13 years old, that targets a flaw in older Microsoft SQL servers and Desktop Engines triggering a denial of service attack. Lamar Bailey, Senior Director, Security R & D commented below.  Lamar Bailey, Senior Director, Security R&D at Tripwire: “While 0-day and APT tend to […]

Why Should You Protect Your Content From Being Scraped?

The increase in content consumption, and the huge demand for quality content has spurred a number of online media websites. Online businesses that rely on their proprietary content to become market leader and to improve  the revenue have to safeguard the content and retain the competitive edge. While your online business strives to create content […]

Almost Half Of British Children Are Scared To Use The Internet

Kaspersky Lab urges parents, teachers and the industry to help rebuild children’s confidence in the Internet on Safer Internet Day 2017 Research by Kaspersky Lab to mark Safer Internet Day 2017 reveals that the increasing threats facing children online are now having a detrimental effect, with almost half (49 per cent) of 10-15 year olds in the […]

SecureAuth Survey: 4 In 5 IT Decision Makers To Ditch Passwords Within Five Years


Passwords and two-factor authentication are going to decrease as organisations adopt modern methods to authenticate users. LONDON, UK. SecureAuth Corporation, the leader in adaptive access control, today reveals that many organisations are waking up to the data breaches of 2016 and are adopting a fundamentally new approach to authentication. With a stark 83% (4 in 5) of […]

SailPoint Gives Enterprises The Power To Protect Against The Next Wave Of Data Breaches

Increase in Data Breaches

SecurityIQ 5.0 empowers businesses to manage and eliminate risk for their unstructured files and data  London, UK. SailPoint, the leader in identity management, today announced the latest version of its data access governance solution, SecurityIQ 5.0. SailPoint’s new release gives organisations the power to protect against the next big wave of data breaches through intelligent and actionable management of sensitive […]

Printers Pwned By Grey Hat Hacker

Following the news about a grey hat hacker, by the name of Stackoverflowin is claiming to have pwned over 150,000 printers that have been left accessible online. He claims to have done so by running an automated script while searching for open printer ports and sending rogue print jobs to the targets device. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security […]