Confidential Information At Greatest Risk In New Businesses

Mid-market companies are the engine room of our global economy. In the UK alone, the sector employs 50 per cent more people now than it did in 2010[1]. Despite this vital role, when it comes to managing and safeguarding one of its most key assets – information – the mid-market can often be found guilty of missing a […]

The Importance Of The Interview For Your Security Personnel

You have no firewalls. You have no encryption. There’s not a policy or procedure to be found. In fact, there’s very little in the way of “security” anywhere in the company. That’s ok! Because you’ve hired a highly-qualified security professional and stressed in the interview process that security is the new priority. That they will […]

Southern Rail Ticket Kiosks Allegedly Open To Cyber Attack

Information kiosks used by Southern Rail in stations with fewer staff are wide-open to cyber-attacks, according to a security researcher. He says that there are significant issues with the certificate upload process of the machines, which could lead to uploading of a compromised certificate for criminal activities, adding that it highlights a relaxed use of […]