Phishing Getting More Professional To Steal Victims’ Money

A new report released by Kaspersky found that almost half of all phishing attacks registered by its lab were targeting victims’ money with phishing pages which looked exactly like legitimate banking services. Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security commented below. Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security: “It’s not much […]

Google Collision Attack Cracks SHA-1 Algorithm

Google researchers have managed achieve a collision attack for SHA-1, creating two PDF files with the same signature. The weakness of SHA-1 has been known about for some time but this demonstrates that the algorithm’s use for security-sensitive functions should be discontinued as soon as possible. There are more details on Google’s blog here. IT security […]

Robots On The Internet: How To Talk To Your Gran About Botnets

As with most depictions of mechanical folk in science fiction, robots on the internet can be good or evil, helping the various functions of the web along or working to bring it down. According to security firm Incapsula, the proportion of both good and bad bots to humans on the internet grew in 2016, with robotic […]

New Android Banking Malware Discovered By ESET

Malicious Android App

The new Android banking malware ESET recently discovered on Google Play was spotted in the wild again, now improved and targeting more banks. Further investigation of this resurfacing threat has uncovered its code was built using source code that was made public a couple of months ago. ESET have discovered a new version of the trojan on Google […]

Financial Threats In 2016: Every Second Phishing Attack Aims To Steal Your Money

Almost half of all phishing attacks (fraudulent email messages or copycat websites that appear legitimate) registered in 2016 by Kaspersky Lab’s heuristic detection technologies were aimed at stealing their victim’s money, according to an analysis of the financial threat landscape by the company’s experts. Compared to 2015, the amount of financial phishing attacks increased 13.14 […]