Five Security Trends To Watch In Virtualisation In 2017

Virtualisation security is focusing on integration When it comes to security solutions for VDI and virtualised servers, I predict that enterprises will pay more attention to the smooth integration between various systems instead of simply examining product features under a microscope. Security solutions that can be integrated into the virtualisation infrastructure at a sufficient level to […]

Hong Kong Data Breach

Following the news about a data breach in Hong Kong, where two laptops containing the details of 37 million voters have been stolen.  Some are saying this could be the city’s largest data breach. IT security experts from Security Consultancy, Derivative Technology and Bitglass commented below. Efe Orhun, Managing Partner & CISSP at Derivative Technology: “Given […]

Essay On History Of Network Security

Computers started being networked with one another in the late 80s. At that time, there became an increased concern for security, though it was minimal in comparison to today’s concerns. That is why understanding the history of network security can help us grasp how important it is today. This is especially true given the number […]

The GDPR Will Be Better For Business Owners Even If It Is A Headache

“headache” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by openDemocracy With the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) set to be replaced in 2018 by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses will soon have to adapt. With cyber security now a hotter topic than ever before, businesses are being held increasingly accountable both for their own and their customers’ actions. In […]

How Do You Take Cybersecurity Off The Back-Burner?

Following the news about the Institute of Directors on cybersecurity, Greg Day urges UK executives and IT teams to bridge the gap between them and finally take cybersecurity off the back-burner. Greg Day, VP and Chief Security Officer EMEA at Palo Alto Networks commented below. Greg Day, VP and Chief Security Officer EMEA at Palo […]

IoT Dishwasher Found With Dangerous Security Flaw

Internet of Things (IoT) car from being hijacked

A recent discovery has found a security bug located within a range of Miele dishwasher’s. The Miele PG 8528, a washer-disinfector intended for hospitals, is networked and smart but is also vulnerable to a web server directory attack. Cesare Galarti, Chief Security Startegist at prpl Foundation commented below.  Cesare Galarti, Chief Security Startegist at prpl Foundation:  “Appliance makers keen to […]

The Encryption Dilemma – Don’t Make A Hash Of It

Encryption has long been established as the safest method of protecting data transfers and communication on the Internet. Over half of the Internet is now encrypted according to Mozilla. This means that when you go to a website, your data footprint will be encrypted more often than not. This landmark is a testament to the […]