NHS ransomware attack update – Patch available for XP and other custom support platforms

Microsoft has been working to issue patches in light of the large scale ransomware attack that affected some 99 countries yesterday.  Blog here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/05/12/customer-guidance-for-wannacrypt-attacks/ Commenting on the move is security expert Andrew Clarke, EMEA director for One Identity: “This is an unusual move by Microsoft and serves to demonstrate the seriousness of this type of attack. […]

When Is Enough Enough?

At around 14:00 hrs on the 12th of May 2017 saw, what was yet again a cyber-situation of unprecedented magnitude when the NHS, at the outset, suffered a cyber-attack against 16 authorities, which utilized ransomware as the logical weapon of choice – an attack which quickly spread to around 100 countries to infect global targets ranging from commercial organizations to […]

Reactions from Cyber Security Experts on NHS Ransomware Attacks

Following the News that hospitals across England have been hit by a large scale cyber-attack. Hospitals across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit by a bug in their IT systems, leading to many diverting emergency patients, IT security experts from SQS, Synopsys, Recorded Future, Ivanti, Wombat Security, Splunk, Vectra Networks, CFC Underwriting, Thales e-Security, Rubrik, […]

iPhone 8 Facial-Recognition Camera vs. Civil Rights

Developers and Publishers Must Act to Protect Apps

Following the rumoured news of the iPhone 8 introducing the world’s first 3D facial-recognition camera, Alvaro Hoyos, CISO at OneLogin commented below how the debate over privacy vs. civil rights must be the main concern when it comes to using biometric technology and that Apple must take responsibility to ensure that this data cannot become compromised or […]

Are Your Employees Unconvinced About Your Processes?


Businesses around the world are upgrading the way they manage their information, moving from records and information management (RIM) to information governance (IG). More operational or tactical in scope, RIM describes the activities and tasks required to organise, secure, access and ultimately destroy information. IG can be described as the strategy that guides the management […]