Android Malware Leak Private Photos To Friends

The latest news has uncovered that potentially thousands of Android users may be at risk to a newly discovered form of malware, which attempts to extort victims by threatening to leak a trove of personal information including photos, website histories and text messages unless a ‘ransom’ is paid to the hackers. Lee Munson, Security Researcher at […]

Enterprise Complexity Requires New Security Approaches

Aberdeen Group has released a new report which shows that quick detection and remediation of a cyber attack can lead to double-digit reductions in the business impact. Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing at Plixer commented below. Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing at Plixer: “For decades, organizations have focused their […]

Avanti Markets Breach

The breach of Avanti Market’s PoS System –  which serves 1.6 million customers annually by providing 24-hour, self-service ‘break room’ marketplaces to corporate environments – NuData Security and STEALTHbits Technologies experts commented below. Lisa Baergen, Marketing Director at NuData Security: “Having physical biometrics stolen could have a serious impact on Avanti customers as credit cards, passwords and other information can be changed, but […]

Cyber Security Training Must Reflect Real Risks, Warns The IISP

With a string of global cyber attacks, companies need to invest appropriately and must careful consider the quality when offering cyber security training, which is the latest advice from the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP). Failure to do so could lead many businesses down the wrong path, and potentially leave them in a vulnerable position. Javvad […]

Net Neutrality

Tomorrow some of the biggest names on the Internet are coming together for a day of action in an effort to send a message to the FCC to stop dismantling the net neutrality rules that were put in place in 2015. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “Regardless […]

Analysis: How Data Breaches Affect Stock Market Share Prices

cyber attack

In light of the latest research from, a leading security and privacy advice and comparison website, which looked at how data breaches affect stock market share prices, found that stocks on average suffer an immediate decrease in share price following a breach of 0.43%, about equal to their average daily volatility. Security experts from AlienVault and […]

New Insight From Cyber adAPT And Aberdeen Group Reveals Faster Cyber Attack Detection Can Limit Business Impact By 70%

Detection, response and recovery time revealed to be critical for edgeless networks July 11, 2017 – Half Moon Bay, California – A new report released today, commissioned by Cyber adAPT and conducted by Aberdeen Group, has revealed that cyber attack detection and response times have a critical status in protecting access to infrastructure and data within modern networks. New insight detailed […]

Blindsided By Shadow IT

Gartner has predicted that 33% of attacks experienced by enterprises will be as a result of shadow IT resources by 2018. These ‘digital’ shadow IT assets provide the functionality website visitors expect (video, images, social, reviews, customer id, etc.) as well as enable more efficient management of digital property (CMS, DMP, analytics, etc.) The problem […]

The Five Biggest Security Concerns After Petya And WannaCry

With many organisations still reeling in the aftermath of the Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks, it’s not only sensible, but crucial, that they analyse what other dangers they face in the digital age. When TalkTalk was hacked in 2015, the company lost up to £60m and approximately 101,000 customers, and the damage to the organisation’s reputation was huge. […]