Newcastle University Prospective Students Hit By Scam Website

Prospective Newcastle University students being scammed into handing over details and making payments for fake courses. Seeherefor the tweet from the university’s twitter handle. Seeherefor the fake website. IAzeem Aleem, Director – Advanced Cyber Defence Practice EMEA at RSA Security offering some advice to potential victims and companies that fall victim to such attacks. Azeem […]

Five Security Trends That Threaten Your Network Hive

A bee hive is an industrious place of team work, communication and productivity. Worker bees communicate and work together in an intricate and finely balanced system harvesting pollen and protecting their assets to produce the highest quality and volume of honey possible.  Now imagine a vulnerability in one of the entrances to the hive, and […]

A Third Of Security Professionals Under-Prepared To Defend Cyber Threats

One in three (32%) security professionals lack effective intelligence to detect and action cyber threats, according to a new survey* from Anomali, the provider of market-leading threat intelligence platforms. The results also revealed that almost a quarter (24%) believe they are at least one year behind the average threat actor, with half of this sample […]

DDoS Attack Still Targeting Final Fantasy 14

The online game Final Fantasy 14 has been plagued by DDoS attacks for more than a month, since its release in June, with the developer saying that the DDoS attacks targeting its North American data centre have shown no signs of stopping and are increasingly difficult to contain. Stephanie Weagle, VP at Corero Network Security commented […]

69% Of UK Boards Neglect GDPR Compliance

The figures were in a survey of 500 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 100 employees and £15 million turnover, examining how businesses are preparing for the new regulation. Only 31% of respondents said they had governance sponsorship for GDPR at board level, while just 9% said their compliance departments were giving them full […]

NukeBot: New Ready-To-Attack Version Of Dangerous Banking Trojan Caught In The Wild


Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected NukeBot – new malware which has been designed to steal the credentials of online banking customers. Earlier versions of the Trojan were known to the security industry as TinyNuke, but lacked the features necessary to launch attacks. The latest versions however, are fully operable, and contain code to target the […]

UK Energy Sector “Probably Compromised” By Hackers

targeting the island's firms

With news that the UK energy sector is likely to have been targeted and probably compromised by hackers, please see below for comment from David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, and relevant statistics from Kaspersky Lab research. “The world isn’t ready for cyber threats against critical infrastructure, but criminals are clearly ready and able to launch attacks on these […]