ESET Discovers New Advanced Backdoor Targeting Embassies

Newly documented Gazer backdoor identified as the latest tool used in espionage campaigns across Europe ESET, the leading global cybersecurity company, revealed the discovery of a new, advanced backdoor used by the notorious hacking group Turla. Dubbed Gazer, ESET researchers are first to document this newly identified backdoor, actively deployed since 2016, targeting consulates and embassies […]

Jimmy Nukebot Malware Trojan

The latest Neutrino modification delivered up a new malicious program classified by Kaspersky Lab as Trojan-Banker.Win32.Jimmy, an evolution of the “Jimmy Nukebot” trojan. Experts from Cyphort and FireMon have commented on the malware, including technical aspects and advice for IT organizations. Dr. Mounir Hahad, Senior Director of the Cyphort Labs:  “Using checksums for API obfuscation is […]

2 Million Customers’ Personal Data Compromised In CeX Hack

News broke that second-hand electronics retailer CeX suffered a massive “online security breach” compromising the personal data and passwords of up to two million customers. The UK retailer said customers’ names, physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were compromised in the attack that saw “an unauthorised third party” illegally access its computer systems. IT security experts commented […]

Spambot Leak Of 700 Mil Email Addresses


News broke that a huge spambot ensnaring 711 million email accounts has been uncovered. A Paris-based security researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands, which stores dozens of text files containing a huge batch of email addresses, passwords, and email servers used to send […]

UK Critical Infrastructure Providers Not Prepared For Cyber Attacks

Rapid Automation and Industrialization of Cyber Attacks

FOI requests of UK critical infrastructure providers have revealed that two-fifths have not completed basic cyber security steps recommended by the government. David Emm, Principal Aecurity Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Aecurity Researcher at Kaspersky Lab:  “The world isn’t ready for cyber threats against critical infrastructure – but criminals are clearly ready and […]

NIAC Members Exit

Eight members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) have resigned just prior to issuing a report on the State of Critical Infrastructure in the US which shows that while there are ways to secure critical infrastructure, the Government is falling short of using existing tools effectively. NIAC was established in 2001 to advise the […]

UK Critical Infrastructure Skipping Security Checks

A freedom of information request by Corero Network Security has revealed that there is a potential lack of cyber resilience among the providers of UK critical national infrastructure. Data shows that 39% of CNI organisations have not completed the government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security programme, with 42% of NHS Trusts who responded admitting they had not completed the programme. Edgard Capdevielle, CEO […]

David vs Goliath – How Small Businesses Can Battle Cybercriminals

Small Businesses

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but in today’s world, no organisation, large or small, can afford to ignore online security. Whether you’re a team operating out of an office, or an individual working from home, cybersecurity is an issue that every business should prioritise. Granted, cybercrime generally grabs the headlines when a […]

Does AI make You WannaCry?

Almost every day we see or hear about major cyber-security threats and software issues that have serious repercussions on the daily running of society. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack brought the NHS to its knees in May and rendered the digital capability of the NHS useless. Shortly after this, a system collapse, suggested to have […]

GSA Schedule 70 Contract To Aid Gov. In “Pre-9/11 Moment”

Expose Underground Cybercrime

Comments from Mike Shultz, CEO of Cybernance, on NIAC report “This report includes fascinating pieces that go beyond the notion we’re in a pre-9/11 moment, although I do agree with that and most others in the industry would as well. The first line of defense truly is commercial enterprise, and that’s a strong, likely to […]