White House Official Tricked By Email Phishing

An email prankster has fooled a number of White House officials into thinking he was other officials. The prankster even convinced the White House Official tasked with cyber security that he was Jared Kushner and received that official’s private email address unsolicited. Tim Erlin, VP at Tripwire commented below. Tim Erlin, VP at Tripwire: “While these particular […]

IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act Of 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) security experts from Tripwire and Rubicon Labs reacted this afternoon to news of today’s US Senate introduction of the IoT Cybersecurity ImprKovement Act of 2017. Craig Young, Security Researcher with Portland, Oregon-based Tripwire, who has done extensive research of smart homes and a variety of consumer IoT devices, commented below. Craig Young, […]

Breakaway Bitcoin Plan

Today, the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has split in two as a ‘breakaway’ group of Bitcoin miners and developers plan to create a new network that increases the transaction capacity of Bitcoin.  Currently, the Bitcoin network has a limit of 1 mb block of transactions every ten minutes, with a plan to scale Bitcoin by evolving it […]

NHS Trust Accidentally Posts Trainee Doctor’s Details Online

9 Ways You Can Get Hacked

Following the news regarding the NHS Trust, which runs St Helens and Whiston hospitals, accidentally posting hundreds of trainee doctors’ personal details online, Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis commented below. Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis: “The loss of personal information is becoming commonplace.  It’s important for companies to secure […]

FireEye’s Mandiant Hack Comment: “Nobody Has Full Proof Defences”

cyber attack

In response to news that Mandiant Security has been the latest to bear victim of a public hack and the target of a #LeakTheAnalyst campaign launched by hackers, Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director at Vectra commented below. Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director at Vectra: “The hack of Mandiant is a stark reminder that anyone can be the target of […]

Power Firms Alerted On Hack Attack Scenarios

News broke today that power firms around the world are being warned about how to spot if they are being targeted by hackers who shut down parts of Ukraine’s electricity grid. The warnings have emerged from analysis of the malware used in an attack in Ukraine in December, which left about 230,000 people without power for hours […]

875,000 SMEs Affected By A Cyberattack Over Last 12 Months

IZurich’s research that has found that 875,000 SMEs across the UK have been affected by a cyber-attack over the last 12 month, Gordon Morrison, Director of Government Relations at McAfee commented below. Gordon highlights the challenges SMEs face in introducing cybersecurity into their organisation and how the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme can help get them […]

Have You Had Your Ransomware Wake-Up Call?

Ransomware Porn App

Affecting more than 100,000 organisations in 150 countries, the WannaCry attack recently thrust ransomware into the international spotlight. For me, the most concerning thing about this attack was the fact that people’s health and lives were put at risk by the encryption of NHS patient data files and medical systems, highlighting in no uncertain terms […]

Tesla Model X Hacked

Security researchers have found vulnerabilities in one of Tesla’s cars and demonstrated that they can be exploited remotely to do things like open the car’s doors and force it to break while in motion. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation: “The danger […]