Siri & Alexa Vulnerable To Hacking

Council Hit by Ransomware Attack

Reports have surfaced of a new vulnerability in voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, meaning theyare potentially vulnerable to hackers. The DolphinAttack, could allow cybercriminals to whisper commands into smartphones digital assistants to hijack them. Ofer Maor, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Synopsys commented below. Ofer Maor, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Synopsys:  “While many of […]

Hackers Gain Entry To US And EU Energy Sector

It has been reported that advanced hackers have targeted United States and European energy companies in a cyber espionage campaign that has in some cases successfully broken into the core systems that control the companies’ operations, according to researchers at the security firm Symantec. Malicious email campaigns have been used to gain entry into organizations […]

Mobile & Single Sign-On Access Pose Huge Risk To Future ID Verification & Fraud Prevention

New research from Callcredit has been released this morning, which found that whilst 73% of fraud professionals think mobile devices will be the key facilitator of identification in the future, 60% feel they will present the biggest single point of compromise in the future. Ryan Wilk, Director at NuData Security commented below. Ryan Wilk, Director at NuData Security:  “As we continue […]

How To Make Mobile Devices Secure In A World Of Growing Cyber-Risks

Mobile Carrier & OEM Churn

Nearly every year the big brands will bring out a new smartphone, full of fresh and exciting technology, but these devices don’t come without risks. The rise of mobile devices particularly in business use, has led to cyber-criminals targeting enterprises and high-profile individuals through vulnerabilities in their latest iPhone or Android. So how are these […]

Apache Struts Vulnerability

Secunia Vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Apache Struts that could allow an attacker to upload a malformed file and take over an application after gaining remote code execution rights on a Struts-based application server. Up to 65% of Fortune 100 companies could be vulnerable if they don’t implement the newly released patch. Michael Patterson, […]

Malware Targeting Critical Infrastructure

There were reports of a highly experienced, and possibly state-sponsored hacking group – codenamed ‘Dragonfly’ gearing up for fresh sabotage cyberattacks on the energy sector in Europe and North America. Moreno Carullo, Co-Founder and CTO at Nozomi commented below. Moreno Carullo, Co-Founder and CTO at Nozomi Networks: “Deviating from the 2014 wave of DragonFly threats, which targeted pharmaceutical […]