Microsoft Internal Database Breach

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

In light of the recent news of Microsoft’s ‘secret’ internal database breach, Dmitri Alperovitch, CTO & Co-founder at CrowdStrike commented below how this is a serious threat with multi-dimensional consequences for anyone using Microsoft products. Dmitri Alperovitch, CTO & Co-founder at CrowdStrike: “The compromise of Microsoft’s database highlights that everyone is vulnerable to sophisticated intrusions. From the […]

Pizza Hut Breached, Customer Credit Cards Involved In Fraudulent Activity

News broke yesterday evening that Pizza Hut customers are reporting fraudulent activity on their cards, after the pizza giant reported a card breach. The company have suggested only a few accounts were breached, but users are suggested they were not informed until two weeks after. IT security experts commented below. Marco Cova, Senior Security Researcher at Lastline: “While Pizza […]

High-Security Crypto Keys Crippled By Newly Discovered Flaw

It was reported yesterday that millions of high-security crypto keys could have been crippled by a newly discovered flaw. A crippling flaw in a widely used code library, developed by German chipmaker Infineon has fatally undermined the security of millions of encryption keys. Jon Geater, CTO, Thales eSecurity provides an insight on this news below.  […]

Infoblox On Anniversary Of DDoS Attack On Dyn

This Saturday marks a year since the DDoS attack on Dyn which disrupted internet services for hundreds of companies, including online giants Twitter, Amazon, AirBnB, and Spotify. Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Chief of Staff EMEA at Infoblox commented below. Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Chief of Staff EMEA at Infoblox: “Last year’s DDoS attack on Dyn underscored the fact that the domain name […]

Have The ‘Use-By’ Dates On Your Firewall Rules Expired?

Asher Benbenisty, Director of Product Marketing, looks at why it is essential for enterprises to take an application- centric approach to firewall rule recertification, and shows how to simplify and automate this challenging process We’re all familiar with the use-by dates on food packaging.  They tell us when foods, especially those with fresh or perishable […]

Brussels Vs Britain: GDPR Preparation Gap Exists Between IT Professionals Across Europe

New research of European businesses, conducted by Kaspersky Lab, has revealed surprising variations in the levels of preparedness for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With less than nine months to go before the regulations become enforceable, there’s a surprising – and worrying – inconsistency of readiness levels across IT decision makers in Europe. With businesses that process […]

UK Businesses Have Slashed Their Cyber Security Budgets By A Third


It has been reported this morning that according to the PwC Global State of Information Survey, UK businesses have reduced cybersecurity budgets by a third, from £6.2m last year to £3.9m this year- although the financial cost of attacks had also dropped from £2..6m to £857,000. However, impact of attacks were felt more widely across the […]

30 Million South Africans Exposed After Massive Data Breach

It has been uncovered that a data breach has potentially affected millions of South Africans after being discovered by security researcher Troy Hunt. The huge trove of data, which includes property ownership, employment history, income and company directorships is thought to have contained more than 30m unique South African ID numbers. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault […]