Hackers Stole Over $150, 000 From Numerous Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets

Hackers: How Much do they Really Make?

It has been reported that hackers targeting various popular cryptocurrency wallets have managed to steal around $150,000 (£113,250) worth of Bitcoins using a malware variant called CryptoShuffler. The malware has been around since last year and has been targeting popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, among others. Although CryptoShuffler’s Bitcoin wallet peaked last year, […]

Cyber-Attack, Storms And Catastrophic Events Top Power And Utilities Risk Ranking

Rapid Automation and Industrialization of Cyber Attacks

A new EY report suggested that cyberattacks are among the top risks to power and utilities companies alongside natural disasters such as storms and catastrophic events. Edgard Capdevielle, CEO at Nozomi Networks commented below. Edgard Capdevielle, CEO at Nozomi Networks: “It is critical for the resilience of the power supply that power companies and utilities are able […]

Australian Data Leak Exposing 50,000 Staff Records

News broke earlier today that nearly 50,000 Australians’ sensitive data was left freely exposed online. The breach occurred due to a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket, presumably left unsecured by a third-party contractor. IT security experts commented below. Jason Garbis, VP at Cyxtera Technologies: “While it’s clear that organisations must institute better access controls to sensitive data, there’s […]

Dissecting The Costs Of Cybercriminal Operations – Research From Recorded Future

Human Factor of Targeted Attacks

 Executive Summary Everything has its price on dark web, and almost anything can be sold or bought openly. Although sometimes it seems that to succeed in cybercrime, a person must be a Jack of all trades, in reality almost every criminal endeavor requires various tools and services provided by a network other members. The cybercriminal underground […]

Which? Calls For New Rights For Victims Of Data Breaches

The consumer organisation Which? has called on the government to create new rights for people who have been the victims of a corporate data breach. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab:  “Customers have no control over the security of their online providers, so the right […]

Silence – New Banking Trojan Attacking Financial Institutions

Security researchers announced its discovery of a new strain of banking Trojan dubbed “Silence”, allegedly spread by a Russian-speaking cybercrime group. The cybercriminals are using similar tactics to Carbanak in a sophisticated plot to steal millions in cash. The Silence Trojan compromises users’ devices by dropping a malicious payload that is capable of monitoring its victim’s activities, including taking […]