SANS Cybersecurity Trends And Predictions For 2018

There are four major factors in cyber security that change constantly, creating meaningful impact to business and government cybersecurity programs: Business trends and new technology adoption Advances in threats Regulations and compliance Improvements in cybersecurity defensive tools and processes None of these factors change on any predictable schedule, but humans tend to like to look […]

How Encrypted Sites Are Used To Legitimize Phishing Scams

It was reported yesterday that the phishing research and defence firm PhishLabs published new analysis showing that phishers have been adopting HTTPS more and more often on their sites. When you get a phishing email or text, the sites they lead to—that try to trick you into entering credentials, personal information, and so on—implement web encryption about 24 percent […]

Why Enterprise Security Is A Matter Of Policy

Security policies are as critical to safeguarding your networks as any new cybersecurity product.  Joanne Godfrey, director of communications for AlgoSec explains how policies can be better managed Ever since the first firewalls were deployed on business networks in the early 1990s, enterprise security goals haven’t really changed:  keep the bad guys out, and ensure […]

Iranian Hacker Charged For HBO Breach Part Of Charming Kitten Group

Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

News has surfaced that the man behind the HBO hack earlier this year has been identified as being Behzad Mesri, an Iranian national, who is linked to the elite Iranian cyber criminal group Charming Kitten. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault commented below. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault: “The new report by Clearsky indicates just how interlinked hacking operations […]

$60 Million Worth Of Bitcoin Stolen From Cryptocurrency Site

DDoS for Bitcoin attack

News has broken that hackers have stolen more than $60 million worth of bitcoin from Nicehash, a Cryptocurrency mining site. NiceHash lets people offer computing capacity for bitcoin miners to mine digital currencies. Cryptocurrency miners work out complex mathematical equations to add cryptocurrency transactions to decentralized public ledgers called blockchains. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault […]

The Media Trust on Digital Supply Chain Vulnerability

Third party vendors may pose one of the greatest risk to enterprise security. Companies are blind-sided when hackers find their way into networks through their partners and third-party vendors. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust:  “Security incidents due to compromised third-party digital vendors emerged as a […]

Mobile Christmas Shopping: Beware Of Fake Apps & Data Theft

With Christmas just around the corner and shops ringing in the high revenue-generating Christmas sales, it is not only retailers who are looking forward to the start of the shopping season. Cyber criminals, for whom the increasing proliferation of mobile shopping apps is opening up lucrative attack opportunities, are also likely to profit from this […]

Satori Botnet

In light of the news that a huge IoT botnet that has emerged called ‘Satori’ which has already infected over 280,000 IP addresses in just 12 hours, and has taken hundreds of thousands of home routers hostage, Rodney Joffe, SVP and Fellow, Neustar, a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services provides an insight below. Rodney Joffe, SVP […]

NEWS: If Staff Want Their Bonus, They Must Get Clued Up On GDPR

Top findings from the report include: 34% of respondents say they will reward employees for complying with GDPR policies 41% of respondents plan to implement employee disciplinary procedures if GDPR policies are violated A quarter of businesses would consider withholding benefits – including bonuses – from employees found to be non-compliant 71 Percent of Organisations Plan Bold Steps […]