Hackers To Mine Cryptocurrency

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Following news that The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) took down its website after a warning that hackers were taking control of visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrency. Fabian Libeau, VP at RiskIQ commented below. Fabian Libeau, VP at RiskIQ: “We are seeing threat actors around the world exploiting what is already a hostile currency in a […]

NEWS: Kaspersky Lab Provides Technical Assistance To Ransomware Investigation

The Belgian Federal Police is today releasing free decryption keys for the Cryakl ransomware, after working in close cooperation with Kaspersky Lab. The keys were obtained during an ongoing investigation; and by sharing the keys with No More Ransom the Belgian Federal Police becomes a new associate partner of the project – the second law […]

Cyberattacks In An Evolving Landscape – Should Businesses Be Worried?

The threat landscape is evolving and with attacks becoming more sophisticated, every business, no matter its size or the industry it’s in, is at risk. According to Microsoft, the potential cost of cybercrime is $500billion, with data breaches costing the average company approximately $3.8million. While the potential financial impact is eye-wateringly large, these costs are […]

Three Steps To Reduce Technology Sprawl And Optimize Cyber Defenses

If someone asked you how many technologies comprise your cyber security portfolio, would you be able to answer correctly? Many IT and security professionals cannot, and this is dangerous for a variety of reasons. For starters, knowing your assets should be an important part of your overall security posture. But then there’s the issue of […]

Italian Politicians Hacked

Following the hacking of the Italian Democratic Party of Firenza, Laurence Pitt, Director of Security Strategy at Juniper Networks commented below. Laurence Pitt, Director of Security Strategy at Juniper Networks: “On the night of Sunday 4th February 2018, the hacker group AnonPlus took responsibility for breaking into servers owned by the Democratic Party of Firenza in Italy. The […]

Google Move To Categorize Many Websites As Insecure Hello


Any website that is not protected by encryption by July of this year will be categorized by Google as insecure. The new policy starting with version 68 of Chrome will force websites to move to HTTPS – encryption technology or be tagged as an unsecured website. Alex Calic, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer commented below. Alex […]

Nearly Half Of All Internet Users Falsely Give Data To Online Services

Almost 50% of internet users are falsifying the data that companies ask them to hand over when signing up for services online, according to new research by security company RSA. Digital advertising and marketing contribute to a global industry worth hundreds of billions of pounds, but the data which underpins that industry may not be very […]

Water Utility In Europe Hit By Cryptocurrency Malware Mining Attack

Malware Ranks First

News broke yesterday that industrial control systems and SCADA servers have become a target for unauthorized cryptocurrency mining attack for the first time. Security firm Radiflow, discovered that cryptocurrency mining malware was found in the network of a water utility provider in Europe. IT security experts commented below. Edgard Capdevielle, CEO at Nozomi Networks:  “Cryptojacking attacks’ goal isn’t to steal data […]