Thanatos Ransomware First To Accept BitCoin Cash As Payment

News broke yesterday that researchers identified a new ransomware, Thanatos. When this ransomware infects a victim, it uses a new key for each encrypted file. However, the problem is that these keys are never saved anywhere. This means that if a user pays the ransom, the ransomware developer does not have a method that will actually […]

Smart Hack: Kaspersky Lab Discovers Smart Home Hub Vulnerable To Remote Attacks

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in a smart hub used to manage all the connected modules and sensors installed in the home. Analysis reveals that it is possible for a remote attacker to access the product’s server and download an archive containing the personal data of arbitrary users, which is needed to access their account […]

How Can Your Business Respond When Under Attack?

Criticizing the State Agencies' Security

To quote Warren Buffet, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Years later, in our “always on” world, I would wager it can take less than five minutes to incur damage to your image. We are unable to open the newspapers or turn on the television without bearing […]

Home Hub Devices Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

It has been reported that new research from Kaspersky Lab, released today, has highlighted vulnerabilities in smart home hubs across millions of UK homes. Researchers discovered that the hub sends user data when it communicates with a server, including the login credentials needed to sign in into the web interface of the smart hub. Remote attackers can then download the […]

Resurfacing Avzhan Botnet

Major Botnet Malware

Corero executives offer perspective on recent reports of the Avzhan botnet resurfacing, targeting Chinese websites. Malwarebytes Labs researchers noted that while the bizarre patterns of this particular drive-by download were not especially advanced, they did involve the use of several different exploits to distribute malware. IT security experts commented below. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security: […]

The Implications Of TRITON For The Future Of ICS Security

The TRITON malware attack reinforces the need for OT cyber security to begin well beyond the core control system network. The recent TRITON malware attack against a critical infrastructure organization sought to modify and manipulate industrial safety systems with the intention of causing potentially catastrophic physical damage. ICS systems create an interface between physical and […]