AI – More Dangerous Than Nuclear Weapons? Is Binance $250K Bounty To Expose Hackers Just A Marketing Campaign?

Elon Musk told visitors to South by Southwest on Sunday that AI “scares the hell” out of him, while the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Binance is now offering $250K to anyone exposing the responsible parties for an attempted hack of the exchange last week. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge commented below. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: Binance: “The recent attack seems […]

Data Privacy Still Being Ignored By Organisations

security of their data

It has been found that many organisations are not doing all they can to protect data privacy with there being a lack of transparency in how businesses store personal data, according to PwC’s 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS). It was found only 51% of respondents have an accurate inventory of where personal data […]

McAfee Labs Reports Record Surges In Health Care Attacks, Fileless Malware, Cryptocurrency Mining

McAfee today launches its quarterly McAfee Labs Threats Report revealing the latest trends in cyber threat growth. Since last quarter, the amount of new cyber threats found every second has doubled, with McAfee Labs detecting 478 new cyber threats every minute or 8 every second. The report takes a detailed look at the latest tactics employed by criminal groups, reporting a clear diversifying of strategy […]

Data Stolen From UK Government Contractor By Cyber-Espionage Group

News broke this morning that a cyber-espionage group, historically believed to be operating in the interests of the Chinese government is believed to have hacked a UK government contractor from where security researchers found evidence that attackers stole information related to UK government departments and military technology. Attackers used never-before-seen tools, old malware, but also employed legitimate […]

Thycotic Releases 2018 Global State Of Privilege Access Management Risk And Compliance Report

Report Finds Nearly Three Out of Four Organizations Would Fail an Access Controls Audit, Putting Privileged Credentials at High Risk Thycotic, a provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, today released the results from its 2018 Global State of PAM Risk and Compliance report, which highlights where many organizations are […]

Technique Discovered That Can Mitigate Memcached DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks Set to Rise in 2016

News broke yesterday that a mitigation mechanism is available for all victims who are under a DDoS attack carried out via Memcached servers. This mitigation technique relies on the attacked victim sending a “flush_all” command back to the attacking servers. The measure was proposed last week by Dormando, one of the Memcached server developers. Johnathan Azaria, Security Research […]

Global Developer Survey Confirms Increased Requirement For DevOps Yet Adoption Falls Behind

GitLab released the results of its second annual developer survey, revealing that implementing DevOps is the highest priority for software professionals in 2018. Survey results reveal developers now understand the need and importance of DevOps as a critical piece to the software development lifecycle, although it is still in the early stages of adoption. Meera Subbarao, Senior Principal […]

E-learning Software ILIAS To Blame For German Government Hack

There has been a recent discovery in the German federal government hack that occurred last week. It has been discovered that the compromise involved e-Learning software suite ILIAS which was connected to the network. Craig Young, computer security researcher at Tripwire commented below. Craig Young, Computer Security Researcher at Tripwire: “Secure networks are only as secure as their weakest link.  In the […]