Delta Cyberattack Exposes Customer Credit Card Details

Is There Life Beyond the Credit Card?

It has been revealed that the cyberattack the American airline Delta suffered last year may have exposed customer payment information. The airline said the incident involved (24), a chat-services provider used by Delta and other companies. Delta says only “a small subset” of customers were affected, with payment information exposed from Sept. 26 to Oct. Security experts commented below. […]

Mirai Variant Botnet Launches IoT DDoS Attack On Financial Sector

In light of the news, that a Mirai variant botnet has launched IoT DDoS attack on the financial sector, Anthony Chadd, Senior Director, EMEA at Neustar commented below. Anthony Chadd, Senior Director, EMEA at Neustar: “It’s likely that the latest DNS amplification attack was not an isolated incident, and with Satori on the horizon, businesses […]

How Web Browsers Are Used Against You

Modern web browsers are designed to make user experiences customised, intuitive and simple.  Developers have been improving their systems by utilising the data users create when they surf the web, and advancements in Big Data mean they have access to more data than ever before. This allows them to track a range of information on […]

Reaper Botnet

Security Researchers from Future’s Insikt Threat Intelligence Research Group are reporting* that the DDoS attacks that targeted the Netherlands financial sector in January was the first known use of IoTroop – also known as the Reaper Botnet, a variant of Mirai. The initial attack was a DNS amplification attack with traffic volumes peaking at 30Gs […]