Hacked Accounts Sold For Just £1

News is breaking that hacked social media accounts are being sold online, sometimes to promote hate speech, for menial sums. One site is selling UK-based Facebook accounts “with real Sim cards, birthday and location information included”, according to The Sunday Telegraph. On another, a single UK account is on sale for $1.50 (£1.07), discounted from $5. Ryan Wilk, Vice President at NuData […]

Vulnerability In The Cisco Smart Install

UK’s Best Cyber Security Talent

Cisco has revealed in its blog that they are aware of specific advanced attackers  targeting Cisco switches by leveraging a protocol misuse issue in the Cisco Smart Install Client. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security commented below. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security: “Recent reports from Cisco’s […]

Improving Security By Pulling The Plug On USB Ports

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s no secret that the human aspect of any organisation is its weakest link. From bad password sharing practices to falling victim to phishing emails, these challenges are any CISO’s nightmare. After all, the holes in network security that are created by the people on the front line of an […]

Pyongyang Hackers Could Be Major Threat In The Future, Parliament Says

News broke today that despite the North Korean cyber-threat to the UK remaining below that of Russia and China, a new parliamentary Defence Committee report has claimed that in the future this may not be the case. It reiterated the view that the WannaCry ransomware attack which decimated large parts of the NHS was carried out by the […]

Best Buy Breach

Best Buy has now been added to the list of companies like Delta, Sears and Kmart who have been hit by a payment card breach. Hackers were able to get to Best Buy’s customers Payment data through an attack on their online services provider [24]7.ai. Best Buy used [24]7.ai for online chat/support services. Chris Olson, CEO […]

Medical Devices Found Vulnerable

Following the news that vulnerabilities have been found in Natus Medical devices, Leon Lerman, Co-Founder and CEO at Cynerio commented below.  Leon Lerman, Co-Founder and CEO at Cynerio: “Healthcare organizations need to be aware that connected medical devices are probably the most vulnerable entities on a hospital’s network, as they were not built with security in mind and […]

Facebook Won’t Apply GDPR Regulations Globally – What It Means For You

Even given the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, Mark Zuckerberg just announced that the social media platform won’t apply the stringent new European data privacy law regulations globally — for now, at least. Francis Dinha, CEO and Co-Founder at OpenVPN commented below. Francis Dinha, CEO and Co-Founder at OpenVPN: “As a CEO, I understand Zuckerberg’s hesitation to immediately accept the GDPR. […]

21 Percent Of Open Source Serverless Applications Have Critical Vulnerabilities

New Android Malware Floods Devices

According to an audit by serverless security company PureSec, more than one in five serverless applications have critical security vulnerabilities. An evaluation of 1,000 open-source serverless projects found that 21 percent of them contain one or more critical vulnerabilities or misconfigurations, which could allow attackers to manipulate the application and perform malicious actions. Tim Mackey, Technical Evangelist […]

Just 1% Of Media Companies Feel Confident In Their Cyber Policies

According to an Akamai survey, only 1% of media organizations are happy with their current cybersecurity measures. Slow site performance and downtime are the industry’s top security-related concerns, according to 26% of the 200 US media technology decision makers surveyed in the report. Protecting premium video content (23%), enterprise application security (20%), managing the impact of bot […]

Over 1.5bn Sensitive Files Are Left Unprotected On The Internet

More than 1.5 billion sensitive files – ranging from payslips to medical scans – are visible on the open internet, according to a new report. Security researchers have warned the documents are “freely available” to anyone with minimal technical knowhow, and 36% of the exposed files were located in the European Union. Confidential corporate data – including […]