Industry Poll Gives Significant Insights Into Businesses’ ‘GDPR Readiness’

More interesting ideas emerged when the panel discussed data protection officers (DPOs). It was agreed that these shouldn’t take on the role of data police, but become a focal point for interpreting the regulations and answering questions. It was suggested that these should be complemented by ‘data stewards’ or ‘privacy champions’ with the task of […]

Telegram Banned In Russia After Refusing To Hand Over Encryption Keys

It has been reported that Telegram has been banned in Russia, after they refused to hand over encryption keys. Russia’s main security agency, the FSB, has said Telegram is the messenger of choice for “international terrorist organisations in Russia”. A suicide bomber who killed 15 people on a subway train in St Petersburg last April […]

Hackers’ Ability To Steal Credentials Through A Microsoft Outlook Flaw

Hackers could steal credentials through a Microsoft Outlook vulnerability (CVE-2018-0950) just by having victims preview an email in Microsoft Outlook. This vulnerability was discovered by Will Dormann of the Cert Coordination Center.* Justin Jett, Director of Audit and Compliance at Plixer  commented below. Justin Jett, Director of Audit and Compliance at Plixer: “With phishing attacks […]

Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Will Ship With Password-Less WebAuthn

Following recent news that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will ship with password-less WebAuthn enabled as their default identity authentication, Duo Security R&D Engineer Nick Steele, one of the leading researchers in the WebAuthn space, commented below. Nick Steele, R&D Engineer at Duo Security: “WebAuthn is the emerging standard pushing us towards a password-free world. One […]

Cybercriminal Use Of UPnP

Cyber criminals are leveraging the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol found in all routers for various criminal activities. The latest report from Akamai* reveals that about 65,000 devices have already been compromised through the UPnProxy which can be used to redirect traffic to another IP address and the flaw can also be used to […]

NHS Struggling To Preapre For GDPR

NHS is struggling to prepare for GDPR despite spending £1m. Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis commented below. Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis: “GDPR aside, the NHS will remain a high-value target for attackers due to the highly sensitive nature and the number of the patient healthcare records it holds. […]

Crypto-Mining Corporate Networks

The volume of crypto-mining transactions has grown, spiking almost 500% on corporate networks. Zscaler has blocked more than 2.5 billion crypto-mining attempts in the last six months. The spike, the firm said, is likely tied to the sharp increase in value of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin hit highs above $19,000 in December) and the fact that legitimate sites are adopting crypto-mining as a source of revenue instead of […]

March 2018’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware That Works Outside The Web Browser On The Rise, Says Check Point

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that hackers are increasingly utilizing cryptomining malware that can operate without an active web browser session  Check Point has published its latest Global Threat Index for the month of March, revealing a surge of cryptomining malware attacks – specifically, an endpoint cryptomining malware known as the XMRig variant. First seen in the wild in May […]