STEM Skills Shortage Costs UK Businesses £1.5bn

Current and Secure

Today, new findings from STEM Learning found the STEM skills shortage is costing UK businesses £1.5bn a year in recruitment, temporary staffing, inflated salaries and additional training. The research also revealed that nine in 10 (89%) Stem businesses have found it difficult to hire staff with the required skills in the last 12 months, leading to a current shortfall of over 173,000 workers – an average […]

Synthetic Identity Fraud

In 2017 there were 800-million dollars in losses from Synthetic identity fraud in credit cards alone as estimated by Julie Conroy, an analyst with the Aite Group. She believes this will skyrocket to 1.2 Billion by 2020. Robert Capps, VP and Authentication Strategist at NuData Security commented below. Robert Capps, VP and Authentication Strategist at […]

Most Companies Unlikely To Meet The PCI DSS Migration Deadline

With the PCI DSS deadline looming on 30 June 2018, Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at web security company, High-Tech Bridge commented below. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “This is a very clear and straight-forward message by PCI DSS to merchants that no further protraction will be tolerated. Previous leniance and postponed deadlines were likely caused by technical difficulties to […]

CPS Loses Unencrypted DVDs Of Child Sex Abuse Victims’ Interviews

Following news that the Crown Prosecution Service has been fined £325,000 by the ICO after losing unencrypted disks containing the recorded interviews of child sex abuse victims, Luke Brown, VP EMEA at WinMagic commented below. Luke Brown, VP EMEA at WinMagic: “Whilst all incidents involving the careless handling of sensitive data must be treated seriously, […]

Google Offers Free DDoS Protection To Political Compaigns

News broke yesterday that Google parent company Alphabet’s experimental incubator Jigsaw will provide free cybersecurity protection to political campaigns. For the last two years, Jigsaw’s Project Shield has focused on fighting DDoS where it might be used for censorship around the world, offering free defences to journalists, small publications, human rights groups, and election board sites. […]

FBI Urges Reboot Following VPNFilter

The FBI recently urged users to reboot their routers in order to disrupt Russia-linked malware, VPNFilter, which has infected over 500,000 routers in at least 54 countries. Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director at Vectra commented below on how users can secure their network infrastructure and prevent malware like this infecting their devices. Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director […]

Meltdown/Spectre Variant

Following recent news that Microsoft and Google have jointly disclosed what’s being called Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4), which can allow an attacker to read older memory values in a CPU’s stack or other memory locations, IT security experts commented below. Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic: “No surprises here, once a major vulnerability is found […]

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Security Breach

The recent news (see link below) about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) security breach reinforces an urgent issue for CIOs/IT staff worldwide – companies must do a better job of protecting their employees – as well as customers — against both digital and physical data breaches. CBC is Canada’s oldest existing broadcasting network in Canada and […]

Are Smart Assistants At Risk Of “Audio Hacking”?

Computer scientists say that the profusion of voice-activated devices, such as Amazon Alexa, means that we may soon be at risk of “audio hacking”. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “People need to find a compromise where they feel comfortable between achieving security and enjoying […]

How Companies Should Prepare For GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important topic, and one I’ve been working with since the beginning of 2016. In 2016, the GDPR (which will become effective on 25 May 2018) was adopted to replace the Directive 95/46/EC to implement a legally binding regulation that will be considered the EU data protection […]