Developers Rarely Feel Their Applications Could Be Targets

Hackers have exploited a web application vulnerability on a FastBooking server to install malware and pilfer data – such as names, email addresses, booking information and payment card data – on guests at hundreds of hotels. Mark Noctor, VP EMEA at Arxan Technologies, comments on this latest breach and explains just how risky application vulnerabilities […]

GDPR’s Impact On Threat Intelligence Sharing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is finally in force, and the entire cyber security community has had to familiarise itself with new and different ways of working to ensure that organisations are fully compliant. While IT security experts must work to protect the privacy of any data held by their organisation on its European […]

Any Popular Website Like Ticketmaster Is Good Target For Criminals

Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis: “Any popular website like Ticketmaster is good target for criminals. Consumers who purchased tickets must be careful and vigilant – the scammers will be out to further prey on those affected by the breach. It’s bad enough if your credit card information is stolen, but don’t fall for […]

Marketing Firm Exactis Exposes 340M Records + New Facebook Report

Marketing and data aggregation firm Exactis left a public server containing more than 340 million records–including phone numbers, emails and addresses, as well as 400 personal characteristics, like religion and hobbies–exposed. Setu Kulkarni, VP of Corporate Strategy at WhiteHat Security: “Interestingly, the researcher (who initially reported the vulnerability to Exactis and the FBI) got to the […]

Motorists Could ‘Watch Films And Sleep’ Behind The Wheel In Driverless Cars By 2021

In light of the news that Motorists could ‘watch films and sleep’ behind the wheel in driverless cars by 2021, David Emm, Principal Security Researcher commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher:  “Technology continues to enhance our lives in so many ways, and people are quick to adopt technology where it brings tangible benefits. However, I […]

Government Cybersecurity Standards ‘Miss The Mark’

The UK government has launched a new cybersecurity standard designed to set a baseline of mandatory security outcomes for all departments. The Minimum Cyber Security Standard announced this week presents a minimum set of measures which all government departments will need to follow, although the hope is that they will look to exceed these at all times. […]

Adidas Suffer Data Breach Affecting Millions

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Adidas have suffered a security breach that may have put some of its customers’ data at risk. The company said that an “unauthorized party” said it had gained access to customer data on Adidas’ US website. Currently, it believes only customers who shopped on and purchased items from the US version of may have been affected by […]

Data Aggregation Firm Leaks 340M Records — Left In Plain Sight

Exactis said to have exposed data of 340M people, more than Equifax breach. Similar to many recently-disclosed breaches, the information what left on a publicly accessible server… no need to beat that dead horse, but the 2 terabytes worth of data appears to go into excruciating detail for each individual listed, including phone numbers, home […]

Wi-Fi Is About To Get Faster And More Secure With WPA3

Vulnerable Public Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new security standard, WPA3, which will be available on both personal and business Wi-Fi networks soon. According to reports, WPA3 will protect users against hackers better than WPA2, as the new standard brings over enhanced protections against offline, password-guessing attacks. Should a hacker capture your Wi-Fi data to use it offline in […]

Two-Factor Inauthentication – The Rise In SMS Phishing Attacks

There are countless ways to carry out a cyber attack, but for the vast majority the key is deception – typically involving identity deception in which the attacker poses as a trusted party to the intended victim. With cyber criminals constantly on the prowl to capture passwords and other credentials, two-factor authentication (2FA) has become […]