Vulnerabilities In Serverless Computing Environments

In response to the conversation generated by this cryptomining POC taking advantage of vulnerabilities associated with serverless computing environments, Ori Pekelman, CPO at PaaS provider commented below. Ori Pekelman, CPO at “It should go without saying that remote code execution exploits are bad. And using that to target serverless computing environments for cryptomining is a […]

Ensuring Penetration Testing Keeps Pace With Business Innovation

Luke Potter, head of cyber-security practice at SureCloud, explains how standard penetration testing models leave customers in the dark, and what can be done to improve support after exposing an organization’s vulnerabilities Penetration testing (Pen Testing) is a valuable service that let companies know where the vulnerabilities in their systems, applications and processes are. As […]

115,000 Drupal Sites Still Not Patched

Cyber-Crime and Hacking is Becoming Bolder

About 115,000 Drupal Sites are still vulnerable to Drupalgeddon 2 that allows hackers to take over sites according to security researcher Troy Mursch. Drupal issued a patch for this vulnerability 2 months ago. Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security commented below. Ashley Stephenson, CEO at Corero Network Security: “With hundreds of alerts and patches […]

Suppliers Overlooked By Large UK Businesses When Developing Cyber Strategies

~ However, the majority of IT security decision makers are confident in their own organisation’s cybersecurity recovery strategy ~   Large businesses in the UK could be falling short when it comes to assessing the cybersecurity resilience of external providers within their supply chain network, according to new research. The poll – commissioned by Citrix and carried out […]

New LogMeIn Report Reveals The Harsh Realities Of Endpoint Management


88 percent of IT professionals acknowledge the importance of endpoint management, yet 30 percent don’t know how many they have  LogMeIn today released findings of a new global report, “Uncovering the Harsh Realities of Endpoint Management: Bridging the gaps in multi-device security” revealing current market trends and business threats driving the need for IT professionals […]

MyHeritage Breach

Following the news that ancestry site MyHeritage has been breached, potentially exposing the data, and in some cases the DNA details, of 92 million users, IT security experts commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: News of a data breach is a daily reality today. But it’s rarer to hear news of a breach […]

Myheritage Has Shown How To Effectively Communicate And Investigate An Incident Post-GDPR

Samantha Humphries provides an insight below on the incident that  92 million MyHeritage user accounts have been compromised discussing the incident and how GDPR now comes into play for data breaches.  According to reports, the genealogy website and DNA testing service suffered a data breach where the email addresses and hashed passwords of its customer database were found on […]

Public Cyber Security Awareness

As a Security industry, we, as, what may be referred to as Cyber Security Professionals tend to engage in multiple inter-industry conversations with those who have been anointed into the world of IT, Digital, and Cyber Security. However, given the general-public, and the SME potentially make up a wide proliferation on the map of the […]