Gmail Messages ‘Read By Human Third Parties’

The BBC reported earlier this afternoon that Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers. People who have connected third-party apps to their accounts may have unwittingly given external developers permission to read their messages. Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO and Founder at Biolink.Tech: “When a user connects through […]

Trezor Wallet Phishing Incident

The team behind the Trezor multi-cryptocurrency wallet service has discovered a phishing attack against some of its users that took place over the weekend. The Trezor team says “signs point toward DNS poisoning or BGP hijacking” as the means attackers hijacked legitimate traffic meant for the official domain but redirected these users to a malicious server hosting a […]

NHS Data Breach – Why Software Need Health Check-Ups

The NHS has revealed a coding error affecting 150,000 patients, sharing information they had chosen to keep private. Are your GDPR alarm bells ringing? CAST is a pioneer in Software Intelligence and a Euronext listed company. It has previously educated businesses on the importance of software architecture scans. Like MRIs, these show the internal workings of a company’s […]

New Fortnite Virus Infects Thousands

It has been reported that a computer virus has spread among tens of thousands of Fortnite players, as hackers seek to take advantage of the vast numbers playing the popular video game. Security researchers at game-streaming platform Rainway uncovered the issue, which originates from a YouTube video claiming to offer free units V-Bucks – a virtual […]

Misconfigured Firebase Databases Cause Info Of Millions To Be Leaked Via Apps

A recent report from Appthority demonstrates that information belonging to millions of users has been leaked via apps with misconfigured Firebase databases. Firebase is one of the more popular mobile/web development platforms, powering app features like messaging, notifications, and authentication. Winston Bond, Technical Director EMEA at Arxan has provided comment around this new data exposure. Winston Bond, […]

Cyberattacks A Case Of ‘When’ Not ‘If’ Say UK CEOS

Four in 10 UK CEOs believe becoming a victim of a cyber attack is now a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ for their organisation, according to a survey of CEOs from some of Britain’s biggest businesses. KPMG surveyed 150 UK leaders and a further 1,150 CEOs from across the world about their future investment plans […]

Facbook Sharing Users’ Data with 61 Tech Companies

In a document delivered to Congress, Facebook has admitted sharing users’s data with  61 hardware and software makers as well as sharing it with app developers. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “This admission comes at an interesting time–just days after California passed the Consumer […]

Diameter Telephony Protocol Vulnerabilities

The Diameter protocol used with today’s 4G (LTE) telephony and data transfer standard is vulnerable to the same types of security flaws as the older SS7 standard used with 3G, 2G, and earlier according to researchers at Positive Technologies and the European Union Agency For Network and Information Security.  Sean Newman, Director of Product Management […]

Vulnerability Disclosure Policies and Bounty Program

In this video, Tulin discusses vulnerability disclosure policies and bounty program and what it means to organization. How the organization should develop an effective bounty program and what is required? [su_youtube url=””] [su_spacer] *  Part of Tulin’s CyberSec Talk. To view more videos in this series, visit here.