Hidden Bee Miner

Hackers are employing a drive-by download attack to exploit a vulnerability in Flash Player. What makes this so different is that researchers at Malwarebytes* have found that hackers are using encryption to package exploits on-the-fly. They are calling it – Hidden Bee Miner. Patrick Ciavolella, Digital Security & Operations Director at The Media Trust: “The […]

AWS Error Exposed GoDaddy Business Secrets

Recently, security researchers discovered an AWS error exposed GoDaddy business secrets.  Configuration files for hostnames, operating systems, workloads, AWS regions, memory, CPU specifications, and more were exposed in the cache which described at least 24,000 systems.  The leak happened to be the error of an AWS salesperson who did not follow best practices with securing this […]

Making Network Security DevOps Friendly

Anner Kushnir, VP of Technology at AlgoSec, looks at how the DevOps process can become more agile and more secure using a ‘connectivity as code’ methodology DevOps is all about agility, with fast, short delivery cycles and automation for software development and applications. Enabled by recently-introduced technologies such as virtualization, cloud and SDN, spinning up […]

Butlins Breach

In response to the news that Butlins has confirmed that the records of up to 34,000 guests have been accessed by hackers, IT security experts commented below. Rob Shapland, Principle Cyber Security Engineer at Falanx: “Although no credit card data was compromised, the personal data stolen from Butlin’s could be very useful for criminals conducting identity theft. Guests […]