Fallout To Distribute Gandcrab Ransomware

A new exploit kit known as Fallout discovered by security researcher Nao Sec, is being used to distribute the Gandcrab ransomware as well as other nasty programs. Mike Bittner, Digital Security & Operations Manager at The Media Trust: “Malicious campaigns involving the GandCrab ransomware examplifies the intensifying digital arms race between malicious actors and security […]

59% Of Customers Believe Their Personal Information Is Vulnerable To A Security Breach

A new report released by Salesforce reveals that 59% of customers believe their personal information is vulnerable to a security breach. Even worse, 54% don’t believe that companies have their best interests in mind. Mayur Upadhyaya, Managing Director, EMEA at Janrain: “The Salesforce research shows the growing conflict between trust and personalisation. Their findings show over half (53%) of […]

Over 5,000 Customers Affected By Park By Phone Breach

It has been reported that over 5,000 people have been affected by the data breach at Cork City’s Park by Phone service, it emerged last night. The council stated that no personal bank account or credit/debit card details were accessed, no account balances were altered and no passwords were compromised, however it warned users of the service that it was […]

Google In Legal Battle With EU Over ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

Today, Google will try to convince Europe’s top court that the EU should not be pushing its own privacy laws on the rest of the world. The case marks the culmination of a long-running battle within Europe—but depending how the court rules, the implications could be global. Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO and Founder at Biolink.Tech: “Such a policy is controversial […]

BA Cyber Attack Down To Malicious Code Exploited By Hackers

Mandiant and Verizon Threats

A cyber-security firm has said it found a malicious script injected into the British Airways website, which could be the cause of a recent data breach that affected 380,000 transactions. A RiskIQ researcher analysed code from BA’s website and app around the time when the breach began, in late August. He claimed to have discovered evidence of a […]

August 2018’s Most Wanted Malware: Banking Trojan Attacks Turn Up The Heat

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals an increase in banking trojan attacks, as organizations feel the impact of large scale Ramnit campaign  Check Point has published its latest Global Threat Index for August 2018, revealing a significant increase in attacks usingthe Ramnit banking trojan. Ramnit has doubled its global impact over the past few months, […]

CyLon Announces Nine Cyber Security Startups Participating In Its London Accelerator Programme

CyLon today announces the nine cyber security startups participating in its eighth London accelerator programme. CyLon finds, grows and invests in the best emerging cyber businesses via its world-leading accelerator programmes. CyLon has already successfully accelerated 59 companies across hubs in London and Singapore since its launch in April 2015, and has a portfolio of […]

Many Adults Want To Reskill For Cybersecurity Careers

A new survey from Champlain College Online shows that not only are the majority of Americans concerned about cybersecurity threats, but many are willing to consider returning to college to pursue a cybersecurity education. Of the 1,004 adults surveyed, 41 percent said they would probably or definitely consider returning to college to earn a certificate or degree […]