Venafi Survey: 86 Percent Of Security Professionals Say World At Cyber War

Forty percent believe nation-state cyber attacks have already cost human lives Venafi®, the leading provider of machine identity protection, today announced the results of a survey of 515 IT security professionals’ views on cyber war and nation-state security. The survey was conducted August 4-9, 2018, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. According to […]

Benefits Of Biometrics

The latest report* from Goode Intelligence lays out the business benefits of biometrics for companies to help authenticate customers. The report shows that once a customer is established,  customer satisfaction goes up due to less transactional friction. Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security: “Physical biometrics is helping companies verify users without creating […]

Two-Thirds Of German Manufacturers Hit By Cyber Attacks, Costing $50 Billion

Research has found that two thirds of Germany’s manufacturers have been hit by cyber-crime attacks, costing industry in Europe’s largest economy some 43 billion euros ($50 billion). Industry association Bitkom surveyed 503 top managers and security chiefs from across Germany’s manufacturing sector, and found the small and medium-sized companies that are the economy’s backbone were particularly vulnerable […]

What Your Organization Needs To Know To Undergo A Secure Digital Transformation

Just about every company today is going through some type of digital transformation, whether migrating entire departments and data centers to the cloud, opting for cloud-based SaaS solutions over legacy, on-prem software, working to enable remote employees to access, share and store data, or otherwise. Whatever the transformation, whenever you change business practices to fit […]

GCHQ Found To Be In Breach Of Privacy Rules

The Perils and Opportunities of Growing Mobile

Randhir Shinde, CEO at Galaxkey: “The government is far too complacent about data privacy – it does not understand data, nor its intimacy, and would rather give its intelligence agencies free reign to violate our digital privacy. “This access helps fight external threats, such as terrorism and hostile state activity, but there comes a point […]

Freshmenu Fails To Inform Users Of Data Breach

It’s been reported that cloud kitchen platform Freshmenu has come under severe attack over allegations that it chose to keep under wraps a data breach two years ago that exposed the personal information of over 110,000 users. The incident from July 2016 was brought to light this week by data breach-tracker As per HIBP, a breach in the systems of Freshmenu […]

Latest Report From Threatmetric Re: Mobile Fraud

Sam Bakken from OneSpan comments on new research that shows a sharp rise in mobile transactions and mobile attacks. Sam Bakken at OneSpan: “This proves yet again that criminals are opportunistic–they follow the money. So it comes as no surprise that with more consumers transacting via mobile apps, the mobile channel becomes a juicier target and worth malicious actors’ time […]