Companies Are Over Reporting Data Breaches Post GDPR

The Information Commissioner’s Office revealed it has been receiving 500 reports by telephone per week since GDPR came into force, a third of which are considered to be unnecessary or fail to meet the threshold for a data incident. ICO deputy commissioner James Dipple-Johnstone revealed that misconceptions are still commonplace among organisations more than three months after GDPR […]

Post-Copyright Directive, Bright Future For Britain

Could this be one last positive from Brexit? The European Commission has scrapped 300,000 UK resident-owned .eu domain names. The EU is pushing through its anti-meme (and more importantly, data) Copyright Directive. Increasingly-frequent disruptions raise the serious question of the future of European business with such uncertainty. The UK government is making no changes to online copyright, domains and […]

GovPayNow Data Leak

Enterprise Applications

It has been reported by Krebs that Government Payment Service Inc. — a company used by thousands of U.S. state and local governments to accept online payments for everything from traffic citations and licensing fees to bail payments and court-ordered fines — has leaked more than 14 million customer records dating back at least six […]

Students Blamed For University And College Cyber-Attacks

Following the news that a security analysis of cyber-attacks against universities and colleges in the UK has discovered staff or students could often be responsible, rather than organised crime or hacking groups. A government-funded agency that provides cyber-security has examined the timing of 850 attacks in 2017-18. Jisc found a “clear pattern” of attacks being concentrated during […]

Why Policy-Based Automation Is Necessary For Mitigating Risk

The global IT audience has seen far too many data breaches occur. This year alone, breaches affected companies as diverse as Orbitz to Partners Healthcare while businesses crossed their fingers and hoped that they would be one of the lucky ones whose company was spared. Although some security professionals know all too well the steps […]

Long Cast Phishing

Having encountered several friends and associates who have suffered, what seemed to be sustained Phishing Campaigns I decided to invest some time and bated-responses to set up a little research experiment to prove, or disprove a suspected theory – but for me, theories are only proven when they are put to the test, so I […]

Why University Breach Is Likely Caused By Staff And Students

With a recent security analysis of cyber-attacks against universities and colleges in the UK has discovered that staff or students could be responsible,  Dr Guy Bunker, SVP of Products at data security company, Clearswift commented below. Guy reveals why the insider is a major threat to organisations and what universities and similar bodies can do to mitigate the risk, including […]

Amazon Investigation

Amazon is investigating allegations that some employees may have sold customer data to third-party companies that Amazon did business with particularly in China. IT security experts commented below. Niles Rowland, Director of Product Development at The Media Trust: “Most threats are internal and they can cause the most significant damage. These threats include those related […]