State Department Email Breach

Last night, it was reported that the State Department has suffered a data breach. According to reports, some employees had their personal information exposed by a breach of an unclassified email system. Other reports stated that a report published earlier this year by administration watchdog Government Accountability Office said that the State Department had only rolled out some form of two-factor authentication to 11 percent of required agency devices, […]

Independence Blue Cross Data Breach

Smaller businesses not protecting

Philadelphia-based insurer Independence Blue Cross confirmed about 17,000 people have been affected by a data breach when an employee uploaded member information including names, birth dates and diagnosis codes to a public website. Zohar Alon, Co-founder and CEO at Dome9 Security: “The Independence Blue Cross data breach represents yet another example of an exposure of sensitive information […]

Cold Boot Attacks A Threat To All Modern Computers

After researchers recently discovered a way to physically hack into PC’s, Tyler Reese, Product Manager from One Identity, explains how organisations can protect systems from these attacks and what users can do to protect their data. Tyler Reese, Product Manager at One Identity: “Physical security is just as important as cyber security. Organizations should ensure […]

US Government Payment Service Leaks


It’s been reported this morning that a payment website – Government Payment Service Inc.-  used to process US government payments for traffic citations, court-ordered fines, bail payments and more has leaked more than 14 million customer records. The leak included names, addresses. phone numbers and sections of the credit card number used. IT security experts commented below. Andy Norton, Director […]

Cybersecurity Can Boost Plant Productivity

Operationalizing cybersecurity has been a major challenge for oil and gas engineers to date. With their primary priority to maintain uptime, these managers have been putting off updating security: ironically, implementing cybersecurity across process control networks can be seen as increasing risk. As a result, operations would rather isolate their systems from that of the […]

Nearly Of All Cyber Attacks Reported To ICO Are Phishing

In light of the news that nearly half of the cybersecurity incidents reported to the ICO are phishing attacks, please see a comment from David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, addressing how enterprises can defend from cyber attacks. David Emm, Principal Security Rresearcher at Kaspersky Lab UK: “The fact that phishing scams account for nearly half of […]