Panorays On DHS Taskforce Designing Playbooks For Supply Chain Security

The Information Communications Technology Supply Chain Task Force, a public private group developed by The Department of Homeland Security, has recently met to take the first steps in designing operational responses to security risks in the supply chain. These playbooks will be created for government and businesses alike. Matan Or-El, Co-Founder and CEO at Panorays: […]

Vision Direct Customer Card Details Stolen

In light of the news today that Vision Direct customer card details were stolen in a data hack with 16,300 customers at risk, please see below for comment from David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “Today’s news of the Vision Direct breach – the data of which was obtained using a […]

Over 78% Of Australian And New Zealand Magento At Risk From Hackers Due To Simple Security Oversight

Security web scans and analysis on over 4,500 Australian and New Zealand Magento websites, the most popular e-commerce platform globally, reveal over 78% are at high risk from cyber criminals, according to leading global cybersecurity experts. The latest survey carried out by Foregenix identifies the most significant vulnerability for Australian and New Zealand SMEs’ are hackers looking […]

Dutch SIDN, NBIP Experts Warn Of Greater DDoS Risk

The Dutch domain registrar SIDN and the nation’s internet service providers group NBIP are warning  small businesses of increased risk of DDoS attacks according to Telecom Paper. The jointly-issued report finds that web shops selling consumer goods such as clothes, cosmetics and garden equipment have a greater chance of being hit by DDoS attacks. The two European organizations also note DDoS trends, including: Shared hosting puts SMB e-tailers […]

Let’s Not Run Before We Can Walk: Security As The First Step For Digitised Healthcare

NHS Planning to Go Paperless by 2020

The acceleration of electronic personal health information (ePHI), coupled with an increase in healthcare technology – from cloud-based applications to IoT-enabled devices to telemedicine – has paved the way for complicated healthcare delivery networks that are goldmines for savvy cyber criminals. More exposed networks have shed light on the vulnerabilities of a healthcare service in […]

13 Malware-Laden Fake Apps On Google Play Grab Credentials, Installed More 500K Times. How Brands Can Protect Their Reputation

Researcher Lukas Stefanko has just warned (via Twitter) about malware embedded in fake apps available on Google Play, noting that 13 apps have been installed more than 560,000 times. A OneSpan mobile cybersecurity expert offers perspective on the goals of the attackers and how brands can prevent their apps from being repackaged by criminals. Will LaSala, Director of […]

6 Months Since GDPR

As tomorrow marks 6 months since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please find below commentary from security experts in relation to GDPR. Chris Mayers, Chief Security Architect at Citrix: “Today, there is still a strong chance that a number of organisations could be struggling with issues around data sprawl, the volume […]

York Council App Users Hacked: Nearly 6,000 Affected

In light of the news that the One Planet York app – used by York City Council and its residents – has been hacked and up to 6,000 people may have had their data stolen, IT security experts commented below. Martin Thorpe, Enterprise Security Architect at Venafi8: “This is a serious breach, with thousands of people having their personal data […]

Cozy Bear Returns With Post-Election Spear-Phishing Campaign

Attackers suspected of working for the Russian government masqueraded as a US State Department official in an attempt to infect dozens of organizations in government, military, defence contracting, media, and other industries, researchers from security firm FireEye have warned. The tactics, techniques and procedures are akin to those used previously by the Russian APT group […]