Being Intuitive With The Intelligent Future

Delivering seamless connectivity is vital to ensure that your communications strategy is effective. Despite the concerns of legacy technology, intuitive intelligent solutions can alleviate collaboration complexity and provide seamless interoperability to give the workforce an enriched and enduring experience. The workforce dynamic is changing dramatically. More people are working remotely and integrated, easy to use […]

Python Network Tool Is Vulnerable To DoS Attack

We recently discovered that the latest version of Scapy, a powerful packet manipulation tool used by cybersecurity researchers and network engineers, is susceptible to a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability. Ironically, we found this vulnerability while researching ways to better detect and fight DDoS attacks. Written in the very popular Python coding language, Scapy uses a […]

Japan Will Hack Its Citizens’ IoT Devices To ‘Make Them Secure’

It has been reported that the Japanese government has passed a new law amendment that will allow officials to hack into citizen’s Internet of Things devices to compile a list of devices that are prone to hacking. Japanese government plans to hack into citizens' #IoT devicesThe Japanese government approved a law amendment on Friday that will allow government […]

Don’t Dance Around The Topic Of Data Protection

Data Protection Day is acknowledged in the US, Canada, and 47 European countries, and has been upheld since it was launched 13 years ago by the Council of Europe. Its main purpose is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection – particularly among businesses. As technology continues to advance, and businesses become more […]

Redaman Banking Malware Spread

The Redaman Banking Malware is still on the rampage spreading through a spam campaign which downloads a malicious PDF attachment used to steal financial information according to security researchers at Palo Alto Networks. Hackers Delivering Redaman Banking Malware Disguised as a PDF Document — BALAJI N (@Balaji_GBH) January 25, 2019 Ryan Wilk, VP of […]

New Ursnif Bank Trojan Using Fileless Infection To Steal Pws & Remain Undetected

In response to an update from researchers on a new variant of the password-stealing Ursnif bank trojan that employs “fileless persistence which makes it difficult for traditional anti-virus techniques to filter out the C2 traffic from normal traffic,” an expert with Virsec offers perspective. New malware campaigns spotted in the wild, using malicious Microsoft Office docs to infect PCs with […]

Facebook To Merge Instagram, WhatsApp And Messenger

It has been reported today that Facebook plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, the technology giant has announced. The merger is intended to create “the best messaging experiences” for the billions of users around the world who use the Facebook-owned apps. Merging with Facebook Messenger and Instagram could force WhatsApp users to reveal information about themselves that they would […]