Illinois Consumer Privacy Ruling

Chris Olson

An Illinois Supreme Court decided that consumers can sue for violations of their privacy under the state’s biometric privacy law, even if there was no actual injury or adverse effect. Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Consumer Privacy Rights: A landmark case overturns ruling of appellate court, finding consumers don't need actual injury to sue for privacy […]

Iran Attacks Israel In Cybersphere ‘Daily,’ Says Netanyahu

It has been reported by The Times of Israel that Iranian hackers target Israel every day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged at a cybersecurity conference in Tel Aviv yesterday. “Iran attacks Israel on a daily basis,” he told a gathering of government officials, cybersecurity experts and entrepreneurs at the CyberTech conference. “We monitor these attacks, we see these […]

World Economic Forum: Cyber Attacks And Critical Infrastructure

Cyber threats consolidated their position as a high impact and high likelihood risk in this years World Economic Forum Global Risk Report and securing critical Infrastructure featured as a major discussion point. As a result, protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks is increasingly becoming a nation security concern and it is essential to put effective plans in […]

Authorities Across The World Going After Users Of DDoS-For-Hire Website

It has been reported that Europol and its many law enforcement partners have obtained a list of the 151,000 register users of, one of the most notorious ‘booter’ sites for launching distributed denial of service attacks, which was taken down and seized last year. According to the law enforcement body, more than 250 users of the seized DDoS services will […]

Rubrik Leaks Massive Database Of Client Data

A server security lapse has exposed a massive database of customer information belonging to Rubrik, an IT security and cloud data management giant.  The exposed server wasn’t protected with a password, allowing access to anyone who knew where to find the server. The database itself, running on a hosted Amazon Elasticsearch server, was storing tens of […]

Lloyds Of London And Aon Report: Cyber Attack Could Cause Damages Of $193bn


Lloyds of London and Aon have today released a report suggesting that a coordinated global cyber attack, spread through malicious email, could cause economic damages anywhere between $85 billion and $193bn. A global #ransomware #cyber-attack could cost businesses $193bn, affect >600,000 businesses and 30 million devices within 24 hours according to the #BasheAttack report from the Cyber […]

Phishing Campaign Targets Australian Netflix Users

Following the news that a phishing campaign has been targeting Netflix users across Australia, with users reporting having been sent an email from an address posing as the legitimate support team for the streaming service asking them to enter their account information and payment details, security experts commented below. Dean Ferrando, System Engineer Manager (EMEA) at Tripwire: “This is […]