Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Using Network Monitoring To Help Halt Anonymous Hackers

Hostage by Hackers

** Spoiler Alert – if you’ve not finished watching Netflix’s Bandersnatch, you might wish to look away now** Today’s media is obsessed with cybercrime. From data breaches to identity theft, we’re increasingly seeing hacks hit the headlines – with more than four in ten businesses (43%) experiencing a cyber breach in 2018.. In this new […]

Stranger Danger: Good Advice For Kids, Bad Advice For Global Cybersecurity

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2019 paints a bleak picture of the top threats facing our planet. Leading the list, and influencing everything that follows is the impact of growing divergence between nations. Ever more countries are seeking to establish national control over their affairs, economies, security and more. WEF’s analysis suggests the […]

Student Loans Company Hit By One Million Cyber Attacks Last Year

Healthcare Organisations Suffer one Cyberattack per month

Criminals use malware, malicious emails and calls to access confidential financial data belonging to students The Student Loans Company (SLC) has been hit by nearly one million cyber attacks in the last year, according to official figures. In data released under Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation, The SLC revealed it was targeted by 965,639 attempts […]

Home-Improvement Startup Houzz Admits To Data Breach

It has been reported that Home improvement startup Houzz has suffered a data breach. The company said in an FAQ on its website that the breach was discovered in late December 2018, and that “a file containing some of our user data was obtained by an unauthorized third party.” Tim Erlin, VP at Tripwire: […]

Aadhaar Database Leak

Max Vetter

Following the news that India’s national Aadhaar database has been revealed to contain a flaw, exposing Aadhaar card numbers and partial phone numbers of thousands of Jharkhand government employees, Max Vetter, chief cyber officer at Immersive Labs commented below. Max Vetter, Chief Cyber Officer at Immersive Labs: “There is a basic lapse in security here; […]

Hackers Targeting UK Banks Through SS7 Attacks

It has been reported that Metro Bank has been targeted by attacks that bypass two-factor authentication using vulnerabilities in the mobile network. Flaws in the SS7 protocol, used by telecoms operators, mean that the codes sent out over SMS can be intercepted. One Time Passcodes Sent via SMS Intercepted And Used To Hack Accounts – […]