Australian Parliament Suffers A Cyberattack

Australian PM Scott Morrison says the country’s major political parties and parliament were hit by a “malicious intrusion” on their computer networks. The activity was carried out by a “sophisticated state actor”, he said. But he added there was “no evidence of any electoral interference”. The nation will hold an election within months.  Mr Morrison’s comments follow an […]

Chinese And Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks On U.S. Companies

It has been reported today by the New York Times that businesses and government agencies in the United States have been targeted in aggressive attacks by Iranian and Chinese hackers who security experts believe have been energised by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last year and his trade conflicts with China. Recent Iranian attacks on American […]

1177 Swedish Healthcare

It has been reported that a server used to store real-time recordings of phone calls made to the 1177 Swedish Healthcare Guide service for health care information was found completely exposed to the Internet, with no user or password to protect it. Millions of call recordings were left on an open web server that could be accessed with no […]

AdventHealth Breach Of 42,000 Patients

It was reported late last week that about 42,000 AdventHealth Medical Group patients are being notified that their personal and health data was breached for more than a year due to a hack of the Florida provider’s systems. The breached data contained troves of personal and health data, including medical histories, insurance carriers, Social Security numbers, along with demographic […]

Why The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Is The Greatest Threat Businesses Face Today

With the tech sector booming and unemployment rates low, cybersecurity talent can be hard to recruit and retain. Every company faces an ever-evolving onslaught from hackers in one form or another, which is no longer about when a breach happens but how often they happen. Resilient businesses have a laser focus on cyber security, all […]

It’s All About Managing Risk

Malcolm Taylor, Head of Cyber Security at ITC Secure: The NCSC has taken a very sensible approach to this issue, which I think stands in stark contrast to some other countries. Why do I say that? Well, firstly Huawei make and sell some of the most technically capable equipment at competitive prices – it’s commercially […]

Child Abuse Images Being Traded Via Secure Apps

Images of child sexual abuse and stolen credit card numbers are being openly traded on encrypted apps, a BBC investigation has found. Security experts told Radio 4’s File on 4 programme that the encrypted apps were taking over from the dark web as a venue for crime.The secure messaging apps, including Telegram and Discord, have become popular following successful […]