SOCs Are Shifting To Threat Detection And Proactive Response

Today Gartner released its 2019 Emerging Security and Risk Management Trends report which said that today’s modern SOCs are shifting investment, resources, and time from threat prevention to threat detection and proactive response.  Following the release of this report, Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director at Vectra, has provided his thoughts on why moving towards detection and […]

Challeneges On Cybersecurity Landscape Demand Strong Leadership – ISACA Now

ISACA’s latest State of Cybersecurity Report has found that it’s getting tougher to fill cybersecurity positions, with many organisations waiting three months or longer.   #ISACA's 2019 State of #Cybersecurity 2019 report was announced today at #RSAC. Learn more — ISACA Global (@ISACANews) March 4, 2019 Following the release of this report and these findings, Chris Morales, head […]

ISACA’s State Of Cybersecurity 2019 Survey: Retaining Qualified Cybersecurity Professionals Increasingly Challenging For Organizations

San Francisco, CA, USA — Nearly 70 percent believe their cybersecurity teams are understaffed  Organizations are struggling to keep their cybersecurity workforce staffed as competitors increasingly pick off employees who are enticed by higher pay and bonuses, according to ISACA’s new cybersecurity workforce research.  The short supply of qualified cybersecurity professionals has led to unfilled positions and a […]

Facebook Lets Users Search By 2FA Phone Number

It has been revealed that Facebook lets users search for people by their two factor phone numbers, a number which cannot be hidden from other users. Facebook Lets People Find You By Your Two-Factor Phone Number And You Can't Stop It: — Forbes Tech (@ForbesTech) March 5, 2019 Expert Comments below:  Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist […]

Researchers Obtain A Command Server Used By North Korean Hacker Group

Following the news that researchers have been handed a seized server believed to be used by North Korean Hackers to launch dozens of targeted attacks last year, Corin Imai, senior security advisor at DomainTools, provides the following commentary.  Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools: “Being able to pinpoint where the malware campaign originated from is incredibly valuable information […]