Increased Internet Regulations in The U.K.

Making the internet safer, especially for children and vulnerable individuals, is a decidedly noble pursuit. Doing so, however, would certainly be a considerable undertaking, and not without significant ethical, legal, and societal concerns. In an ambitious effort to make the internet a safer place for people to interact and communicate, the UK government has laid […]

Home Office Apologises For EU Citizen Data Breach

The Home Office has apologised to hundreds of EU citizens seeking settled status in the UK after accidentally sharing their details.  It blamed an “administrative error” for sending an email that revealed 240 personal email addresses – a likely breach of the Data Protection Act.  The Home Office sent the email on Sunday 7 April asking applicants, who […]

Giving CISOs The Tools To Measure, Improve Password Security

Despite the well-publicised growth in cyber-attacks every year, both in number and complexity, businesses are still struggling to implement effective security policies. It’s no secret that weak passwords are a leading security threat and bad password habits are far too common.    Yet businesses are struggling to quantify their own level of password risk, even those that […]

Office 365 Phishing Report Findings

Avanan’s report found that a quarter of phishing emails bypass default Office 365 security.   "According to cloud security company #Avanan, #Microsoft #Office 365 also fails to detect such emails as malicious crafted using #ZeroFont technique." via @TheHackersNews #Sikur — SIKUR (@sikur) June 21, 2018 Dr. Simon Wiseman, CTO at Deep Secure:  While some vendors may jump on these results […]