Comments On 300% Increase In Mobile Fraud

A new RSA report reveals that fraud attacks from mobile apps increased 300% in just the first quarter of this year.   Expert comments:   Don Duncan, Security Engineer at NuData Security:  “Retail mobile eCommerce sales in the U.S. is expected to reach $338 billion by 2020 according to Statistica. Combine smaller screens with more people hurrying to shop […]

Another Zero-day Vulnerability In Microsoft’s Latest Operating Systems

Following the news that another zero-day vulnerability was discovered in Microsoft’s latest operating systems, security experts commented below. Rahim Jina, COO and Co-founder at Edgescan: “Most of the zero-days reported are local privilege escalation vulnerabilities, meaning that they can only be used when someone already has a certain level of access to the target host. Generally these would be considered […]

Cybersecurity Is A Market For Lemons

I recently attended CYBERUK which is the UK government’s flagship cybersecurity event hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The event features world-class speakers, and opportunities for interaction between the public and private sectors. It was a fascinating couple of days, partly as Becrypt is working with government on projects featured at the event, but it was also […]

Commuters Of London Will Have Their Mobile Wi-Fi Data Collected From July

Vulnerable Public Wi-Fi

The BBC is reporting that tube commuters in London will have their mobile Wi-Fi data collected from July as a part of a scheme to improve journeys.   Paul Norris, Senior Systems Engineer, EMEA at Tripwire: “It is important that these mass-collections of data are monitored and regulated. There is nothing inherently risky in collecting information that […]

Hackers Steal Payment Card Data Using Rogue Iframe Phishing

100,000 Electronic Filing PINs stolen

Bleeping Computer reports that cybercriminals have upgraded their credit card skimming scripts to use an iframe-based phishing system designed to phish for credit/debit card info from Magento-powered store customers on checkout.  The criminals injected their credit card stealer scripts within every page of the hacked websites and configured it to pop-up as a phishing form asking the buyers […]

TalkTalk Data Breach Customer Details Found Online

It has been reported that TalkTalk failed to inform some 4500 people that their data was compromised in the 2015 breach. Viewers contacted BBC Watchdog Live about concerns that their details had been breached by TalkTalk. But the company had told them that their details were not compromised. The BBC consumer show investigated and found the personal details of approximately 4,500 […]