Incident Response: Five Key Factors CISOs Should Consider When Building This Process

As attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, 86% of CISOs agree that cyber-incidents within their companies are inevitable. So, it comes as no surprise that the majority (76%) believe that speed and quality of incident response (IR) are the most important factors when measuring their performance. This means that heads of IT security departments are now […]

Security Issues On Illegal Streaming Of Live Matches

Many people streamed the Nations League fixture between England and Holland, illegally, please find below comments from security expert why it is unsafe to stream illegally as part of our security experts comments series.  BBC News – Arrests shut down illegal TV streaming gang #OTT #StreamingTV #Piracy #IPTV — OTT Business Magazine (@OTTBusiness) June 7, 2019 David Emm, Principal […]

Fortune 500 Giant Tech Data Exposed Customer And Billing Data

It has been reported that security researchers discovered a security lapse at IT giant Tech Data allowed them to access customer and billing data. The Fortune 500 information technology giant secured an exposed server shortly after researchers found and reported the leaking data. The server was running a database used for logging internal company events for its StreamOne cloud […]

GoldBrute Botnet Credential Stuffing Attack

A botnet is currently scanning the internet in search of poorly protected Windows machines with Remote Desktop Protocol connection enabled. Called GoldBrute, the malware compiled a list of over 1.5 million unique systems and tested access with brute-force credential stuffing attacks, ZDNet reported.  #GoldBrute Botnet Brute Forcing 1.5 million #RDP servers — SANS ISC (@sans_isc) […]

Microsoft Deletes Its Facial Recognition Database

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

Microsoft has deleted a massive database of 10 million images which was being used to train facial recognition systems, the Financial Times reports. The database was released in 2016 and was built of online images of 100,000 well-known people. The database is believed to have been used to train a system operated by police forces […]

NSA Warns Windows Users To Patch PCs Against BlueKeep


The US National Security Agency (NSA) has warned Microsoft Windows users to make sure they are using updated systems to guard against the flaw known as “BlueKeep“, as it exists in past editions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has warned that this flaw is potentially “wormable,” meaning it could spread without user interaction across the internet.   Gavin Millard, VP of […]

One In 10 Brits Now Live A Cashless Life

Please find below a comment from David Orme, SVP at IDEX Biometrics ASA, in response to today’s news that one in 10 brits now live a largely cashless life, according to new UK Finance findings.    In this comment David argues that in order for a completely cashless future to be possible, Governments must work alongside banks to ensure the […]