Check Point Software Patches Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Window Patches Injected with Malware

Check Point Software patched a vulnerability discovered in its Endpoint Security Initial Client software for Windows allowing potential attackers to escalate privileges and execute code using SYSTEM privileges. The privilege escalation security flaw tracked as CVE-2019-8461 makes it possible for attackers to run malicious payloads using system-level privileges as well as evade anti-malware detection by bypassing application whitelisting, […]

Going Back To Basics: Data Security After The Capital One Breach

When the news broke that a Capital One data breach had affected approximately 100 million customers in the U.S. and another 6 million in Canada, there was widespread panic among the company’s users and much confusion regarding data storage standards. Even amid the arrest of the woman responsible for accessing the data, Capital One customers […]

Experts Dots On Breach Losses To Top $5 Trillion By 2024

Juniper Research published new research yesterday:  The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Threat Analysis, Impact Assessment & Mitigation Strategies 2019-2024 which finds that  Business Losses to Cybercrime Data Breaches to Exceed $5 trillion by 2024 – Cybersecurity Breaches to Increase Nearly 70% Over the Next 5 years (Juniper Research press release link). A Shared Assessments expert offers thoughts on the findings […]

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories Alerts 114,000 Customers Of Data Breach

Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories has started to notify 114,985 patients that some of their protected health information (PHI) was compromised in the American Medical Collection Agency’s (AMCA) breach from earlier this year. Data affected includes names, dates of birth, dates of service, names of lab or medical service providers, referring physicians’ names, balance owed and “other” […]

Nato’s Secretary General Says A Cyberattack On One Of Its Members Will Trigger Article 5

The BBC has reported that Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says all 29 member countries would respond to a serious cyber-attack on one of them. Writing in Prospect Magazine, he said such an incident would trigger a “collective defence commitment”, known as Article 5 of its founding treaty. Article 5 has not been triggered since the 9/11 terror […]

Android Trojan Infects Tens Of Thousands Of Devices In 4 Months

Google Flaw that could Grant Remote Access to Devices

A new Trojan dropper dubbed xHelper was observed while slowly but steadily spreading to more and more Android devices since May, with over 32,000 smartphones and tablets having been found infected in the last four months. Trojan droppers are tools used by threat actors to deliver other more dangerous malware strains to already compromised devices, […]

Bulgaria’s DSK Bank Fined $569,930 For A Data Breach That Affected 33,000 Clients

Bulgaria’s DSK Bank, a unit of Hungary’s OTP Group, has been fined 1 million levs ($569,930) for a data breach that affected over 33,000 clients, as reported by Reuters. The Bulgarian personal data watchdog said the full names, addresses, copies of ID cards as well as bank account numbers and property deed data of 33,492 people […]