Teletext Holidays Data Breach Exposes 212,000 Customer Call Recordings

Consumer-Centric Malware For the Enterprise

It has been reported that British travel company Teletext Holidays has suffered a data breach in which some 212,000 customer call audio files were left unprotected on an online server for three years, exposing customer names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. Verdict discovered the files – which have since been removed – on an […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hack: Cybersecurity Expert Explains

The Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, known by twitter handle @jack was apparently hacked last friday. The suspected method o fthe account takeover is a SIM swap, whereby attacker intercept the SMS message by changing teh association of SIM card number to different device. I spent my Saturday morning testing out whether you can […]

Brexit Cyber Threat: MPs Hit With 2 Million Scam Emails Every Month

MPs and House of Commons staff were hit with 20,973,102 cyber attacks through spam emails in the most recent financial year, according to official figures. The data, released under the freedom of information act, revealed on average 1.9 million junk email attacks were sent to Parliamentary staff including phishing, viruses and malware, all of which was […]