Security Needs Versus Worker Accessibility: The Balancing Act In Evolving Technology

Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift in how we work. The explosion of cloud and “as-a-service” technologies has made it easy for anyone within an organisation to both purchase and use preferred applications, often without intervention from IT. Whilst many cloud tools enable enhanced levels of sharing and collaboration, an improvement […]

Experts Comments On 281 Arrested In Worldwide BEC Crackdown

Malware Becomes Darknet Cottage Industry

281 people were arrested over a four-month period in the U.S. and in countries around the world as part of Operation reWired, a coordinated effort of multiple law enforcement agencies from several countries, according to Bleeping Computer “In unraveling this complex, nationwide identity theft and tax fraud scheme, we discovered that the conspirators stole more than 250,000 […]

Uber Account Takeover Vulnerability Discovered

According to this link,, a security vulnerability has been discovered that could allow attackers to compromise and control any Uber account. The vulnerability could be exploited to track a user’s location and take rides from their account via an application programming interface (API) request This involved first acquiring the user universally unique identifier (UUID) of […]

198 Million Car-Buyer Records Exposed – Experts Comments

It has been reported that over 198 million records containing information on prospective car buyers, including loan and finance data, vehicle information and IP addresses for website visitors, has been found exposed on the internet for anyone to see. The non-password protected Elasticsearch database belonged to Dealer Leads, which is a company that gathers information on prospective buyers via a […]