Why Sandboxing Is A More-than-worthwhile Addition To Your Network Protection

To anyone unfamiliar with the term, ‘sandboxing’ might sound like something that toddlers would like to do at nursery school – or maybe a specialist one-to-one combat beach sport. It’s neither, of course. Sandboxing is actually the term the network security community uses to describe the technique of isolating potentially dangerous files that may contain […]

Shining A Spotlight On UK Cyber Security Standards

Public sector organisations in the UK are in the midst of changing cyber security regulations. In mid-2018, the Government, in collaboration the NCSC, published a minimum set of cyber security standards. These standards are now mandated, along with a focus on continually “raising the bar”. The standards set minimum requirements for organisations to protect sensitive […]

Experts Comments On Dexphot Polymorphic Malware Detection

According to this link: (https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2019/11/26/insights-from-one-year-of-tracking-a-polymorphic-threat/,) A Dexphot campaign was first spotted in October 2018 affecting thousands of computers, with attackers upgrading the malware over the following months to a level that left little to analyse. The threat had a surge in mid-June this year, when it landed on tens of thousands of computers. Towards the end of […]