Comments On Kids’ Smartwatch Leaking Location Data

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Security researchers found that a cheap smartwatch made in China for children, called M2, was exposing the personal details and location information of more than 5K children and their parents. This is particularly timely with holiday shopping in full swing.

Commentary On DeathRansom From AT&T Alien Labs

As part of our expert comment series, please find below commentary from an AT&T Alien Labs researcher on a new strain of ransomware called DeathRansom, which, according to Bleeping Computer, is beginning to make a name for itself. Passing along the below commentary in case you’re covering the ransomware now or in the future when an […]

The Most Dangerous Software Errors Of 2019: More Evidence Of History Repeating

The amazing community at MITRE recently published their list of the CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors affecting the world in 2019. This list isn’t opinion-driven, it is the result of multi-faceted analysis utilizing the work of organizations like NIST, as well as publicized Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) data. In order to determine […]

Comments On The Report: MSPs Targeted For Cyber Attacks In 2020

MSPs and their supply chains will be the targeted more heavily by cyberattacks in 2020 according to Trend Micro’s new report – The New Norm.* By hitting MSPs and other third party vendors, cybercriminals will increase their ability to steal sensitive data, credentials and more.

Look Out For Business Email Compromises

Phishing has emerged as one of the most dangerous types of security threats for businesses, with phishing attacks growing in the second quarter of this year, especially against software-as-a-service and webmail services. That’s according to a recent report by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a nonprofit industry association that fights phishing, crimeware and e-mail spoofing. […]

Three Tools To Avoid Cybercrime This Black Friday – Expert Advise

Black Friday Looms for Millions of Zen Cart

With Black Friday fast approaching, retailers need to take the right steps to ensure their websites are safeguarded from potential attacks to customer data. Security expert comments are below on the three tools every retailer should invest in before Black Friday to ensure they and their customers are safe from cybercrime.

Experts Insight On Almost 40 Million Healthcare Records Stolen Or Leaked In 2019

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It has been reported by the HIPPA Journal that more than 38 million healthcare records were exposed in breaches throughout 2019. October in particular was the month with the highest number of data breaches being formally reported by the healthcare sector. 28 of the incidents were caused by unauthorized access or disclosure, while 18 of them […]

Experts Reaction On 1.2 Billion Records Were Found Online On An Exposed, Unsecure Single Server

News has broken that 1.2 billion records were found online on an exposed, unsecure single server. While it doesn’t include sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers, it does contain profiles of hundreds of millions of people. This includes home and cell phone numbers associated social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, […]