Covid-19 Phishing Scams | Expert Comments

When events like the outbreak of Covid-19 become projected on a global audience, cybercriminals try to exploit fear and uncertainty for financial gain. This is nothing new, with the FBI warning of phishing scams associated with Hurricane Katrina all the way back in 2005. Inevitably, malicious links posing as health advice have been popping up. There are […]

Google Just Made It Easier To Use 2FA To Secure Your Accounts – Expert Comments

Google has rolled out an update for its two-factor physical security keys for protecting Google Accounts that makes it easier to enroll the keys on Android and macOS devices. Google users can register the security keys on Android devices running Android 7.0 “N” and newer using Chrome version 70 and up. The keys can also […]

Expert Advise On Misleading Political Ads

30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

Facebook has removed some deceptive ads from the Trump campaign after first allowing them. When criticism arose, Facebook took down the ads saying they were misleading about the US Census. Facebook is also taking heat for other ads that are not clearly attributable to reputable ad sources according to a study by researchers at New York […]