8 Million UK Shopping Records Exposed

Researchers at Comparitech have uncovered a leak stemming from third-party apps used by Amazon UK, Ebay and Shopify, exposing 8 million sales records containing customers’ personal data. Exposed data includes customer names, email addresses, shipping addresses, purchases and the last four digits of credit card numbers. Leaked Personally Identifiable Information (PII) opens customers up to the very real possibility of phishing […]

Coronavirus As An Opportunity To Evolve Security Architecture

Self-quarantined employees are forcing organizations to allow access to critical data remotely. Coronavirus is presenting organizations with a unique opportunity to adopt modern security protocols and enable an efficient remote workforce. Fear of Coronavirus infections has resulted in organizations ruling out large meetings. Healthy individuals are in home-quarantine for weeks at a time, even though […]

Whisper App Exposes Intimate Secrets Of Nearly A Billion Users – Experts Insight

As reported by TechRadar, an investigation by The Washington Post has revealed that Whisper (a social media platform that’s core focus is to allow its users to anonymously share secrets ) left the information of nearly 900 million users exposed to anyone that wanted to view it, located in a database that wasn’t password protected and was accessible […]

On Adware – The Mobile Plague

Adware accounts for 72% of all mobile malware according to a new report from Avast. The report reveals that android malware has increased by 38% alone in the last year.

Panorays Comments On Entercom Radio Breach

Entercom, one of the largest radio companies with 235 radio stations broadcasting across the country with more than 112 Million listeners has suffered a data breach related to its third-party cloud hosting services.

UK And Netherlands Most At Risk In Europe When Mitigating Critical Vulnerabilities

New vulnerability research by Outpost24 has revealed interesting data trends in vulnerability management across different regions and sectors. When analysed, the number of high, medium and low-risk security vulnerabilities based on CVSS criticality shows the Netherlands had the largest percentage of high-risk critical vulnerabilities in Europe (50%), with the UK marginally behind in second (43%). The […]