Experts On US Bank Customers Targeted In Ongoing Qbot Campaign

Security researchers at F5 Labs have spotted ongoing attacks using Qbot malware payloads to steal credentials from customers of dozens of US financial institutions. Qbot (also known as Qakbot, Pinkslipbot, and Quakbot) is a banking trojan with worm features used to steal banking credentials and financial data, as well as to log user keystrokes, deploy backdoors, and […]

Over 100 NHS Accounts Compromised By Phishing Attack

113 NHSmail mailboxes were hacked at the beginning of the month, sending malicious emails to external recipients, according to a spokesperson from NHS Digital. The NCSC has confirmed that this activity is part of a widespread credential-harvesting phishing campaign that is targeting a broad range of organisations across the UK, and are working with the NHS […]

Claire’s, Intersports Retail Websites Breached – Online Privacy Experts Comment

Transaction Signing Solution

Hacker groups that engage in web skimming (also known as Magecart) attacks have breached the web stores of two of the world’s biggest retail chains — accessories store Claire’s and sporting goods retailer Intersport. According to reports published today by security firms Sanguine Security and ESET, hackers breached the two companies’ websites and hid malicious code […]

Astronomer To Cyber Wizardry

It was in 1989 when Clifford Stoll first published The Cuckoos Egg, and in my opinion this is not only the best ever book written on the subject of Cyber (then IT) crime, but is also a must read for any person who aspires to join the world of Cyber Security. The book was also […]