Mozilla Suspends Firefox Send Service – Cybsecurity Expert Reaction

Firefox feature

As reported by ZDNet, Mozilla has temporarily suspended the Firefox Send file-sharing service as the organization investigates reports of abuse from malware operators and while it adds a “Report abuse” button. The browser maker took down the service today after ZDNet reached out to inquire about Firefox Send’s increasing prevalence in current malware operations. Mozilla launched […]

US Secret Service Reports An Increase In Hacked Managed Service Providers

It has been reported the US Secret Service sent out a security alert last month to the US private sector and government organisations warning about an increase in hacks of managed service providers (MSPs). In a security alert sent out on June 12, Secret Service officials said their investigations team (GIOC — Global Investigations Operations Center) has been seeing […]

Expert Warns On Undeletable Malware Crippling Mobile Phone Users

It has been reported that almost 15 percent of the Android users who were targeted with mobile adware or malware last year were left with undeletable files. It was discovered that several preinstalled adware on Android devices carrying Trojans, loaders, and other malware on top of their “legitimate” payload. Adware is a type of malware that hides itself on […]

Expert Insight On Hackers Access Critical Data of Egyptian Transportation App

Hack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

The Egyptian bus-hailing company, SWVL, revealed this week that its platform was exposed to a security breach that targeted the data of some customers. It is believed that names, email addresses and phone numbers were accessed by the attackers. SWVL stated, that as soon as the breach was discovered, the information technology team dealt with it, adding […]