Expert Reaction On News: New Zealand Property Management Company Leaks 30,000 Users Personal Data


It has been reported that a security researcher has discovered an unsecured Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3) database containing more than 31,000 images of users’ passports, driver’s licenses, evidence of age documents, and more. These files are publicly accessible to anyone who has the URL and appears to be owned by the Wellington, New Zealand company LPM Property Management. This […]

Comments On Cybersecurity Firm Finds More Spyware Hidden In Chinese Tax Software

A security firm that last month highlighted spyware hidden in Chinese tax software issued a new report Tuesday shedding more light on how Western companies doing business in China are targeted for industrial espionage. Analysts at cybersecurity firm Trustwave say they have discovered a new type of malware they say was embedded in sales tax software — a […]

Data Protection Officers Foresee DSAR Trouble In Store From Britain’s Post-Covid Jobless

Study finds lockdown’s furloughed and laid off staff set to trigger spike in DSARs for HR Officers  Fall-out from lockdown is already causing difficulty meeting data compliance obligations for 75% of Britain’s Data Protection Officers (DPOs), according to a survey by British data privacy experts Guardum. The vast majority (72%) expect a backlog of Data Subject […]

China Crisis – The Yellow Brick Road Of Deceit

The year was 2008, location British Library London, the event a IT Security Conference sponsored by the UK Governments Home Office where I was giving a presentation and sitting on a panel, when a QA was posed by a delegate relating to possibility of China and their involvement in Cyber Attacks – See URL below […]

Experts Insight On Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

It has been reported that Twitter accounts of billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and many other prominent figures are hacked in an apparent Bitcoin scam. The tweets generated from these high profile accounts are asking for donations in cryptocurrency.  It was a “co-ordinated” attack targeting Twitter employees with access to internal systems and […]