Comment: Twitter Hackers Saw 36 Accounts’ Private Messages

Twitter has revealed that hackers viewed private direct messages (DMs) from 36 of the accounts involved in last week’s hack. It has not disclosed who they belonged to beyond saying one was owned by an elected official in the Netherlands. Twitter added that it does not believe any other former or current politicians had their […]

Improving The Cybersecurity Of A Remote Workforce

Driving cyber awareness is an important part of maintaining a secure online presence and protecting corporate data. The pandemic introduced newfound challenges for IT teams when managing a remote workforce and a focus on the security hygiene of workers has become more important than ever. As a result, identity and access management (IAM) tools have emerged […]

How To Recover From Ransomware

Ransomware cyberattacks are everywhere in the news, and they seem to be getting bigger. Take the attack in February that forced the UK’s Redcar and Cleveland council staff offline for three weeks and cost between a reported £11m and £18m to repair the damages. Now, attackers are increasingly taking advantage of COVID-19 to coax people […]

Blinking In The Dark: A Day In The Life Of A CISO

It’s said that the devil never sleeps. Perhaps no other industry demonstrates this so pointedly as cybersecurity, where the enemy could be anywhere in the world — and in any time zone. Finding time to relax is tough enough in today’s digital 24/7 world. But having a job where the bad guy could sit down […]

Expert Commentary: Apple iOS Security Research Device Program

Apple will start loaning special research iPhones with unprecedented access to skilled and vetted researchers, enabling them to find and report security vulnerabilities in which Apple can address through its iOS Security Research Device program. Apple launches Security Research Device Program to help researchers find security vulnerabilities in its devices by @bzamayo — 9to5Mac (@9to5mac) July […]

Cybersecurity Experts on findings of Skybox Security 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report

The newly-issued Skybox Security 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report is out this morning, analyzing the vulnerabilities, exploits, and threats active in 1H:2020 in the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Among key findings: 20,000+ new vulnerability reports predicted for 2020, shattering previous records 50% increase in mobile vulnerabilities highlights the dangers of blurring the line between […]

Twilio’s SDK Compromised by Attackers – Expert Reaction

Twilio, a cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, disclosed that attackers compromised its TaskRouter JS SDK after gaining access to one of its misconfigured Amazon AWS S3 buckets. This left the SDK’s path publicly readable and writable since 2015. Twilio’s customers include Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Shopify, Morgan Stanley, Airbnb, and others.