Monitoring From Home: 3 Things To Still Watch Out For In Your IT Network

The initial move to working from home had many teams making huge adjustments to this way of working. IT departments all over the world worked miracles to make sure staff had access to whatever they needed, wherever they were, to keep businesses up and running. But, as any IT person will tell you: the battle […]

Experts Insight On Researchers Discovered Multiple Security Vulnerabilities In Zoom

Vulnerabilities in SDN and NFV Networks

Cybersecurity researcher Mazin Ahmed discovered Zoom vulnerabilities that allowed data theft and malware deployment. According to findings presented at DEF CON 2020, Zoom left a misconfigured development instance exposed that wasn’t updated since September 2019, indicating the server could be susceptible to flaws that were left unpatched. Experts Comments August 12, 2020 Paul Bischoff + Follow Me – UnFollow […]

Cybersecurity Expert Reacted On Latest SANS Data Breach

In response the SANS cybersecurity training organization’s disclosure of a data breach in which approximately 28,000 records of PII were forwarded to an unknown external email address as a result of a phishing attack, a cybersecurity expert offers perspective and recommendations. Experts Comments August 12, 2020 Chloé Messdaghi + Follow Me – UnFollow Me VP of Strategy […]

Ransomware Threatens Production of 300 Ventilators Per Day

The DoppelPaymer gang deployed a ransomware attack against ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDA-approved Coronavirus ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies has been targeted by ransomware launched by the DoppelPaymer gang, who are threatening to leak data from the company. Cointelegraph has viewed the DoppelPaymer blog, where the gang lists example files of the data stolen during the attack, including […]

Security researcher publishes details and exploit code for a vBulletin zero-day

A security researcher has published details and proof-of-concept exploit code for a zero-day vulnerability in vBulletin. The zero-day is a bypass for a patch from a previous vBulletin zero-day — namely CVE-2019-16759, disclosed in September 2019. This previous zero-day allowed attackers to exploit a bug in the vBulletin template system to run malicious code and take […]

TSB Customers suffer online banking outages

Some TSB customers couldn’t access online banking services on Monday, with users on both the app and the website receiving error messages when trying to access their accounts, according to BBC News. Many of the affected customers were unable to get past the security questions, some for several hours. A number of users even reported their […]

Comment: Upgraded Agent Tesla malware steals passwords from browsers, VPNs

A third of us admit to Password rage

New variants of Agent Tesla remote access Trojan now come with modules dedicated to stealing credentials from applications including popular web browsers, VPN software, as well as FTP and email clients. Agent Tesla is a commercially available .Net-based info stealer with both remote access Trojan (RAT) and with keylogging capabilities active since at least 2014. This malware […]

UK citizen’s tweets analysed by Government-contracted AI firm

Privacy campaigners have expressed alarm after the government revealed it had hired an artificial intelligence firm to analyse UK citizens’  tweets as part of a coronavirus-related contract, according to the Guardian. Faculty, which was hired by Dominic Cummings to work for the Vote Leave campaign, was paid £400,000 by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local […]

Expert Commentary: Unsecured databases exposes 3.1M+ patients’ data

Today, ethical security researcher Bob Diachenko published a write-up on his discovery of medical software company Adit‘s insecure database containing more than 3.1M patients’ information. In his write-up, Diachenko notes how he discovered the exposed database on July 13 and proceeded to disclose the issue to the company, but did not receive a response. As a result, the […]