The Importance Of Securing Real-Time APIs

Increasingly, digital transformation and customer expectations are driving organizations to employ creative approaches to serving the needs of a diverse mix of end users and experiences. From telemedicine to online banking, real-time APIs are the foundation upon which digital business is built, allowing app developers to create apps that can serve the needs of their customers. With […]

5 Industries At Risk For Cyberthreats During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed people’s everyday lives and limited their options. However, cybercriminals have capitalized on this unprecedented situation. Here are five sectors at an increased risk of cyberattacks during COVID-19.  1. Health Care The health care sector was a top target for cybercriminals before the pandemic hit. Researchers found many escalated their […]

3,000-strong ‘Dracula’ botnet shut down for pushing pro-Chinese propaganda

Social media research group Graphika identified a Twitter botnet of around 3,000 bots deployed to echo pro-Chinese political message released through state propaganda accounts. The botnet is identified by quick sharing of the message and using the same tweet style. Cybersecurity experts commented below on the danger of using these botnets for malicious purposes.

Expert Insight on DarkSide Ransomware

Darkside Ransomware who began operating around at the start of August is currently affecting the real estate developer in North America. Brookfield Residential is one of the first victims of the new DarkSide Ransomware. Below, the security expert provides insight on this new ransomware.